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  1. hopemax

    PinPics - New Format / Big Site Changes!

    I very strongly suspect you have multiple accounts. It may be something you have forgotten. For 20 years, Pinpics logins were username + password. This has changed. It is now email + password. They did set it up so that you can use username + password as an alias to login, but as far as the...
  2. hopemax

    PinPics - New Format / Big Site Changes!

    The Pinpics admins have to change it in the server's database, you can't fix it yourself. You have to contact them. Just send an email saying you have 2 accounts and what email needs to be associated with each one. It *has* to be separate email addresses. They will reply back to you with a...
  3. hopemax

    PinPics - New Format / Big Site Changes!

    It looks like you have two Pinpics accounts? Bcol and mupins? If you had the same email address for both accounts, I think it probably just changed the bcol account password (maybe an alphabetical determination). Based on their most recent email, if you had multiple accounts with one email...
  4. hopemax

    Question about Pin Trading Database

    Very strongly disagree. People trade differently. Some people prefer to only trade in person. But everyone deserves the ability to manage their traders. Having a trader should NOT be an seen as an invitation to be contacted about it.
  5. hopemax

    Question about Pin Trading Database

    For a quick solution, try Pin & Pop. They have many Pinpics numbers shown (although this is not a searchable field, you can use them to verify you've got the right one), and they periodically import pins from PTDB with permission, in addition to their own additions. Search and sorting is not...
  6. hopemax

    Sold/Ended: Update' 12/20: At Cost - DL Pin/Merch Pick Ups

    Hi Connie, I'd like a Jungle Cruise poster pin if you can get one! Thanks!
  7. hopemax

    Open Game: Annual Holiday Game: Double or Nothing

    I forgot to also say "Thank you very much for this game!" I'm sleepy
  8. hopemax

    Open Game: Annual Holiday Game: Double or Nothing

    I've been waiting to go to bed, hoping you'd pick, and I could sleep in without holding up the game. I will pick: 30. PTDB # 43933 Holiday Resort Aulani Shellie May 2016 LE 1500 @Rick195275 is up!
  9. hopemax

    Open Game: Annual Holiday Game: Double or Nothing

    I’ll take a spot if there is one available.
  10. hopemax

    Sold/Ended: ***Ending Sunday*** Lionheart's Very Merry Pin Sale - Mystery pins, employee center, international +

    Meg already knows, but for anyone else looking Sold: DLR Toad Poster Dumbo Reflections mystery Alice Reflections mystery
  11. hopemax

    Sold/Ended: LAST CALL - REDUCED AGAIN - D23 MOG Birds

    I will take Aracuan and Madame Upanova.
  12. hopemax

    Lordy Lordy Lordy, Back Again! ♡

    Whoa! Orange Bird popularity has simply exploded in your absence. The Orange Bird renaissance is complete, now that you are back.
  13. hopemax

    For Sale: One Family Disneyland Co-Op

    I would like to request 1. Cheshire Cat Maze 2. Frozen Charade Spinner Thank you!
  14. hopemax

    Sold/Ended: Merlin's New Year Sell-a-thon!

    For your records... $8 Cogsworth & Lumiere Friendship Day $8 12 Days of Christmas 8 - Goofy/Big Thunder $5 Shanghai Gelatoni $3 TDS Game 25th Genie
  15. hopemax

    Taiwan Disney Pin - Help!

    Unfortunately, value would not be high. The method in which pins were made back then collectors now consider to be "cheap" and when people do find them in the wild, end up thinking they're fake since that is a huge problem with newer pins. Also, not a lot of Donald collectors or Fab 5 in...
  16. hopemax

    Taiwan Disney Pin - Help!

    Most Disney pins are made in China now, but in the 80s and 90's most pins were made in Taiwan. In November 1988 Mickey Mouse turned 60 and the company made a big deal of it. There was a TV special, a bunch of merchandise, you got a free pin if you bought Kodak film. So I would guess this...
  17. hopemax

    Guide: Cast Lanyard Sets

    FYI, the stuff prior to 2003 aren't "Cast Lanyard Series" and they didn't come out during those years. What happened is that in 2003 when the first series proved to be successful, there was a gap between the first and second series. So they remade a bunch of old rack pins, didn't offer them...
  18. hopemax

    Saving DPF

    With all due respect, if this is the situation DPF is in, DPF is already dead. This should have been shared with the community earlier, even if privately to come up with a viable alternative. The community of DPF deserves more than an absent ownership that would respond punitively in this...
  19. hopemax

    2021 Pin Discussion

    Based on the spinning rack, I am going to say the Emporium.
  20. hopemax

    Oogie Boogie Bash 2021

    My review is “Katherine and Josh are awesome” and “I’m exhausted!”