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  1. Chusaurus

    Trading: Knocking Out Those ISOs

    I've been bitten by the trading bug once again after a long break and I'm looking for some smaller pins off my or my sister's wants list. Anything on my sales thread is for trade as well! Feel free to send traders as well. Sometimes, I don't have something on my wants list, but maybe I just...
  2. Chusaurus

    NEW Name Change Request Thread

    Looks like the old thread got deleted by our friend... I'd like to formally ask to change my screen name to Chusaurus, ready to put this old bitty out to pasture. @starry_solo @dancecats
  3. Chusaurus

    Trading: Disney Store Mystery Keys

    Restarting this thread since it got deleted in the fray. Have: D23 x2, Forky x3 (Booo Disney packaging), Donald Need: Aladdin, 2nd May 4th, Stitch, Up
  4. Chusaurus

    Completed Game: OLAF DSSH Cuties Near Cost Game Ends 5/5

    Well. Here we are. I can sell things again! How about a game? But my games aren't always what they seem, right? So, to play this game (and so it can be mostly hands-off, since I have finals this week) I am going to post a Jeopardy-style Disney trivia answer, and the first person to...
  5. Chusaurus

    For Sale: NEW PINS ADDED 6/22

    chubs191 submitted a new item: Ex-CM Moving Blowout - Lots of pins parks, WDI, DEC, Company D, ect Read more about this item...
  6. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: Dip Your Spoon into a Sea of Cereal with this Auction (ends 5/29 at 9PM EST)

    Do you miss getting up in the mornings on Saturdays to watch cartoons? Getting ready a nice bowl of cereal? Are you mad from all the Shop Disney releases? Well here's your chance to trade for one of the new hit cereal, Ariel's Thing-A-Mabobs complete with Dinglehopper prize inside...
  7. Chusaurus

    Zapped! Dr. Grailove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Trade

    Some of you may have noticed that I got rid of my signature. Well, not only is it now older than old, but I have accomplished a goal I never thought I would. That. There. Is. The. Pin. The one I never thought I'd get. The one that one person asked me for $6000 in trade value for at one...
  8. Chusaurus

    Completed Game: FREE! TOY DONATION GAME!

    Very Merry Holly Jolly Seasons Greetings Here! I have been cleaning out of a lot of my stuff and have more to go. You all can help me turn my Disney junk (subjective) into actual toys for kids! There are going to be three components to this game: 1. DONATION PERIOD - Between now and...
  9. Chusaurus

    PTN Goers, Check Your Emails

    Got a survey about the PTNs, Pin Events, and pins in general. If you have ever wanted Disney to listen to your voice: here's a chance. Also, they have our number. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: Tiny Kingdoms, TLM HK and SHDL and more!

    Evening DPF! I'm coming out of mail retirement as I'm looking for various trade partners for things coming out over the next few months! The first thing I'm looking for is someone to swap the WDW Tiny Kingdoms exclusives with the completer map for the DLR exclusives with completer map and pin...
  11. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: D23 Disney Store Friday for D23 Saturday

    Looking for TLM box set LE 300 and the Vanessa doll from Saturday, since I don't have a StorePass. Have various Friday pins and will have MoG and DSSH pins for trade. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. Chusaurus

    ISO Ariel Auctions Nouveau

    I have seen 3 Ariel Nouveaus in two weeks, so let's try this while the iron is hot! I'm very, very ISO the Ariel Nouveau and I have plenty of traders including the Briar Rose WDI profile progression set. I am a sorcerer at D23 and can contribute some pins from there as well. My top traders are...
  13. Chusaurus


  14. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: DLP Ariel/Flounder Best Friends

    If you or someone you know is getting this pin for trade with a USA address, let me know (I can't afford international right now, sorry). I'll also be at the PTN on May 16th, at FairyTails, and D23. I'll post some of my traders in the next post. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  15. Chusaurus

    Zapped! Hopemax is Outta This World with Zaps!

    She got me too! I have to admit that this post is a week and two days late. I've been occupied with KH3 and I got a bad cold :( BUT look at all these really fantastic goodies! There's nothing like Japanese Kit Kat's! There were three included: an apple (ringo) flavor, a strawberry cheesecake...
  16. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: Kristoff Profile

    So... My order got cancelled because my card got cancelled before MOG could clear the payment (a fraud alert on vacation). If anyone has a Kristoff they have for trade, hit me up.
  17. Chusaurus

    2019 New Pin Resolutions

    Stuffed full of Christmas food? Next year on your mind? Time to think about how your resolutions went this year? This is the thread to discuss the great big beautiful tomorrow and to celebrate this year's successes! I'll start off: My new pin resolution this year was the Art of Ariel and I...
  18. Chusaurus

    Zapped! TonkaToy is Spreading Joy!

    I got my Holiday card exchange from TonkaToy today. I was only expecting my package from Pinopolis today, but lo and behold she snuck in a stowaway! Thank you so much for the wonderful pin! It'll go so perfectly on my Magic Musical Melodies board! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  19. Chusaurus

    Sold/Ended: (MOG - Chip and Dale) What Are You Thankful For? Ends 11/28 at 10:00 PM EST

    Eating lots of food today? Celebrating with family? Since it's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for all of you, I thought I might put this brand new MOG Chip and Dale pin from the CM release on Monday: The pin itself is LE 250 with it not being on any pin trading databases yet. The picture...
  20. Chusaurus

    Wanted: Anna Frozen Broadway Doll for Pins!

    I'm on the lookout for this Broadway doll. I'm looking for one to start with, but maybe two for my designer couples doll set. If anyone's looking for a good trader in exchange, I have this one: or plenty more. Please let me know if you're going to Frozen on Broadway and are willing to...