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  1. DDCakes

    Facebook Group Trading Advice

    I tend to find more trades on facebook. I just try to search their name and see their posts or posts they have interacted with, sometimes I will ask for trade references and offer to give some of mine if they would like. I always ask for more pictures because the people who don't actually have...
  2. DDCakes

    Happy New Year - Any pin related resolutions?

    I do it with pins for my collection. I see something in my ISO list for a good price and tell myself buy it now before you never see it again or end up paying double because that is what it usually goes for. Then a few months later I’ll see it again for about the same price or better sometimes...
  3. DDCakes

    Happy New Year - Any pin related resolutions?

    My resolution is to not feel like I have to buy everything right now even if it is a “good deal.” I’d also like to find some of my older three good fairies grails that lately seem impossible.
  4. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: D23 McLeach & Joanna

    I have one for trade but I am having a terrible time trying to log into PinPics to view your traders.
  5. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: [CLOSED] WDW Pickups: At Cost Lotto - Final Invoices and Mailout

    Thank you, Merlin! I appreciate all the love and time you have poured into this community! Mental health and happiness comes first and I am proud that you are choosing to prioritize yourself! We haven't gotten to trade yet (hopefully soon!) but you have helped me acquire pins I either wouldn’t...
  6. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: 2019 DSF/DSSH Low Cost Pickups - New OEs In Stock!

    Please put me down for any cuties and umbrellas that will be up for grabs, and also the on the go Cruella please. September has so many great releases!
  7. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: DLR 9/26 Pick Ups

    A very long shot at this point, but please put me down for the WOM Mickey. :)
  8. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: D23 Expo Pick Up Thread(FOR YOUR COLLECTIONS)

    Thank you for this opportunity! May I please be added to the list for Phillip?
  9. DDCakes

    Completed Game: WDI D23 at Cost Game - ends tonight

    Thank you for the chance, congrats @pretty Omi !
  10. DDCakes

    Completed Game: WDI D23 at Cost Game - ends tonight

    I know you said our favorite character but it is impossible for me to choose one over the other so my favorite characters are Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather! It is so amazing of you to do this, thank you for the opportunity!
  11. DDCakes

    Doesn't like to collect pin sets?

    I’m more character driven then set driven, but I do have a few complete sets that I adore. Every once in a while there will be one that catches my eye that I decide I need to try to complete, the nesting dolls and the Date Nite May I Have This Dance sets come to mind.
  12. DDCakes

    2019 pin releases

    I’m going to need all three of those Auroras with fairies! And several, several others. o_O
  13. DDCakes

    Minimal Pin Collection

    Is that the many faces of Mickey pin there in the center? I love it!
  14. DDCakes

    What does your pin budget go to?

    Pretty much all of my “budget” goes to keepers. If I see a really good deal on something I know would trade well I might buy it, but not usually.
  15. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: D23 Expo Pick Up Thread(FOR YOUR COLLECTIONS)

    It is amazingly kind of you to even offer, thank you from the bottom of my Disney obsessed heart. <3
  16. DDCakes

    Sold/Ended: D23 Expo Pick Up Thread(FOR YOUR COLLECTIONS)

    I will also throw my hat in the ring, just in case you are doing a randomizer, for the Masquerade Aurora and Phillip set and the Vaness and Ariel 17in dolls. I saw the flyer mentioned ornament sets for Ariel’s anniversary which I would possibly be interested in as well.
  17. DDCakes

    How much would you ever pay for a pin?

    The two most expensive pins I’ve ever bought were the 60th anniversary Sleeping Beauty jumbo for $100 and the Date Nite Sleeping Beauty chaser for $80. There are many pins I want on my wishlist that would cost a great deal more, but I can’t justify it. Although, with as much as I spend on other...
  18. DDCakes

    Completed Game: Free Game Blue or Pink What Do You Think?

    Congratulations on your new little life! I'm voting it will be pink, a little girl! ♡