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  1. Pecosace

    Completed Game: Magical Mashup Giveaway

    I feel like Captain Jack Sparrow would be slytherin.
  2. Pecosace

    Disney Happy Meal Toys!

    I have Minnie and tinkerbell, would like groot, Nemo, and jiminy!
  3. Pecosace

    Trade McDonald’s 50th toys

    Have a Minnie and Tinkerbell. Looking for groot, Nemo, and jiminy.
  4. Pecosace

    Trading: Ready to Start Trading Again

    Need to look more closely but I did like that dinosaur pin.
  5. Pecosace

    Completed Game: Magical Mashup Giveaway

    My guess is Neville Longbottom.
  6. Pecosace

    Completed Game: Magical Mashup Giveaway

    Hufflepuff for me! My sister handcrafted for me this amazing banner:
  7. Pecosace

    Open Game: Tokyo Disney Giveaway ENDS 9/16 8 PM PST

    I’ve been fortunate to travel over much of the US this past year, though there are many spots I’d like to visit internationally. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt since have been fascinated by the mummies, pyramids, mystery, and intrigue. Loved Indiana Jones as well which...
  8. Pecosace

    Disney Collectible Keys - Ultimate Princess Celebration Key (9/20)

    I have an extra haunted mansion key available. Please let me know if you’d be interested in it, willing to trade or sell it.
  9. Pecosace

    Pixar 24-Feature Film Challenge!!! Now Playing: Cars!!!

    Pecosace Toy Story Response: 1. What is your overall impression of the film? Some possible talking points include: what you did or did not like about it; what about the film has stuck with you; what did you find different on this viewing; how would modern audiences respond to this (for the...
  10. Pecosace

    Pixar Feature Movie Challenge, Interest Check???

    Plan on watching tonight after work sometime!
  11. Pecosace

    NC Disneyana 2021, Raleigh, NC on 9/4/2021

    Aww what a bummer I’ll be out of town Saturday and coming into North Carolina Sunday since flying back from a vacation. When is the next event? Would love to attend.
  12. Pecosace

    Everything Trailers

    Also very much looking forward to Behind the Attraction series. I think there should be a lot more content developed based on the Disney parks and touted as D+ exclusive since they have so much they can work on from the decades of material. Lost attractions. Stories from the rides. Walk...
  13. Pecosace

    March 2020 pins

    Very very curious where and when splash cruiser drops.
  14. Pecosace

    I need some serious help with my Marvel pin collection!

    It seems you are finding some footing. Marie Kondo is a wise woman. Im trying to follow her advice as well just in general cleaning and getting rid of stuff. It is hard at first but definitely well worth it.
  15. Pecosace

    I need some serious help with my Marvel pin collection!

    Hiya! I totally can relate on wanting to be a completist. It definitely becomes an internal struggle of I want to be completist but don't enjoy this pin. It's hard to set limits because in your mind you strive to one goal but your body holds you back with not being excited for that one and it...
  16. Pecosace

    WDW Pin trading boards

    Just an FYI, the CMs who work at Movieland at the entrance of MGM (I mean DHS ;) ) usually will let people outside of the park trade pins. They sometimes have some good ones on there. I like to visit on my SkyLiner route then hop on a bus to the monorail resorts and do that loop (though no...
  17. Pecosace

    Trading: Merlin's Misc. ISO - Some Light Trading!

    I don't have anything, but just wanted to say good luck : )
  18. Pecosace

    Disneyland Pin Trading returns

    Wow that pin board is stocked with great pins. One of the few.
  19. Pecosace

    Made it to Arizona

    Yay! I am glad to hear your move went well.