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  1. PRCYR04

    Wanted: Looking for pin Mama Imelda LE 150

    Hi: I’m interested in buying Coco Mama Imelda surprise from 10/11/ 2019. Any offer please send pm. Thanks.
  2. PRCYR04

    Wanted: ISO DEC Anna

    Hi: I’m looking for the pin Disney Employee center Anna from frozen.
  3. PRCYR04

    Sold/Ended: Looking for pins DEC Star Wars episode I and II

    I’m looking for the pins Disney employee center Star Wars episode one and two Phantom menace and attack of clones.
  4. PRCYR04

    Are we in the eye of a storm? Boring week?

    After being like running a pin marathon, this week has been quite. Soon we will see new heroines, new clusters, new villains cuties, Disney annual pin event, incredible, etc. Please get some air ( cash) for the next round.
  5. PRCYR04

    Are any Wdi Easter pin for 2018?

    hi: does anybody know if there was a wdi pin for Easter this year?
  6. PRCYR04

    Sold/Ended: Jafar Couture de force fig

    hi: I’m looking for the figurine Jafar from the brand Couture de force Disney showcase. It has been retired recently.
  7. PRCYR04

    Searching for Mickey's Not so scary Halloween party framed set 2009

    Looking for this framed set.
  8. PRCYR04

    Small world 50th framed set

    hi: i'm looking for the the framed set sold in Disneyland today May 26th for the 50th anniverssary small world attraction.
  9. PRCYR04

    Looking for retired precious moments figurines

    hi: I'm collecting some precious moments figurines and I'm looking for cinderella and fairy godmother #121036. If anybody want to sell it please send message.
  10. PRCYR04

    Tokyo easter 2015 pins

    Hi: I' m looking for the 2015 Tokyo easter pins.
  11. PRCYR04

    Grand jester Mickey Anakin- wanted

    Hi: I'm looking for the piece grand jester mickey anakin Star Wars. Please pm me if interested in selling it.
  12. PRCYR04

    ISO DSSH Captain Hook Stained Glass - Series Villainous Frames PP 102869

    hi: I'm looking to buy or trade for the pin PP 102869 Villainous Frames Captain Hook. Please pm with offer.:naughty:
  13. PRCYR04

    Grand jester bust King Triton

    I'm looking for the king triton, Jessica and tron from grand jester bust studios.
  14. PRCYR04


    I know it is a long shot, but I'm also wanting to get them. I didn't know what I smoked today but didn't look at the forum until just a couple of minutes and then ...:shock: and then :banghead: and then :cry:. So if someone plan to sell a set, please send me an offer before start to fight on the...
  15. PRCYR04

    Conspiracy Theory??

    I think a small group of DPF members knew about the release of the BT Tangled today and bit their tongue. :hug: Congratulations to the lucky ones! :hsd: and for the rest just hope that some day Rapunzel is displaced by another princess. :cry: PD: I will be eating can soup for a while to get...
  16. PRCYR04

    Is the "DSF pins euphoria" the New Disney Auction pins fever?

    hi there: Is it me or each time is more difficult to get DSF pins? It look like the old days when Disney Auction pins were released in limited quantities and everybody look like "cannibals " to get them. I know that Disney Store do not release new pins but what is the limit? How long will it...
  17. PRCYR04

    PINS 77404 Pooh Easter Wonderland + 77405 Mike Easter Wonderland 2010

    Hi: I'm looking for 2 pins from the easter wonderland series of 2010: Pooh and Mike. Please PM with your offer. thanks.:stitch:
  18. PRCYR04

    Looking to buy or trade for PTU Sam World Geography

    HI: I have been looking for pin 61920 for a while. If somebody wanted to trade or sale it please send pm. Thanks, prcyr04
  19. PRCYR04

    I want to buy Valentine's day pins

    Hi: I decided to extend my collection to include Valentine's. I know there are vhft but that will keep me busy for a while. If you are interested in selling me some just send me a PM or email at Thanks, carlos prcyr04:wavey:
  20. PRCYR04

    Howdy from texas

    Hello all, I'm Carlos and I have been collecting since 2002. I don't post much because I'm not very good in computer skills but; I want to congratulate everybody involved in the development of this site. Thanks for your time and dedication to keep pin trading alive. Carlos PRCYR04:wiggle: