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  1. splashmtnman

    Pin Trading Database Needs Help

    That's great to hear... Just a friendly reminder....The site database searches pins by words in Title and text Description only.. A good pin description is very important if you want to find a certain group. or to see if the pin is already been added For example: search: Halloween If it does...
  2. splashmtnman

    2021 Pin Discussion

    For you PatF fans from Modern Pinup LE600 $25.00 Modern Pinup Exclusive Loungefly Tiana Limited Edition Pin w/Glow in the Dark Ray
  3. splashmtnman

    2021 Pin Discussion

    Kraken Exclusive Villains Crest Set
  4. splashmtnman

    2021 Mail Days Post

    No Way..... 8 for 8 Whole set in 4 Mystery boxes... Must have been Disney Magic... Please don't tell @Abyssinian28 about Mystery boxes.. Congratulations A great reminder of your trip... Josh needs to get a Lottery ticket today
  5. splashmtnman

    Pin Pics down

    Maybe he/she is coming from Panopolis City Digital Neighborhood!
  6. splashmtnman

    Our WDW Trip

    You are missing this?? 46 at night You'il need a campfire Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320AZ using Tapatalk
  7. splashmtnman

    Artfully Evil Series question

    @figment919 Good supply of Artfully Evil Maleficent at Epcot today.... No Scar yet...
  8. splashmtnman

    Pin Trading Database Needs Help

    As per my old PM sent to @starry_solo ... "Congratulations!!! On entering the first pin of 2021 (why I am not surprised) According to the PTDB clock, Pin# 38901 @ 00:26:23 is #1." 04/17/21 Counting back gives us 1,620 pins added to PTDB this year... Soapbox We all have seen and felt what it...
  9. splashmtnman

    Completed Game: DPF Anniversary Giveaway #16

    Disney Renaissance Era Movies... really.... makes feel really old Aladdin is be far is my choice. I had the pleasure of knowing Robin Williams thru our 5K runs thru the wine country.. A Star or no Star he competed.. I will say he was the best Improv comedian of my generation. Popeye, Good...
  10. splashmtnman

    DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #10 (winners posted top of page 3, post #51)

    You did say just one.. This is part of my 1998 Disneyland Attractions pin set. According to PinPics SKU they are all on original backer cards. (It took awhile. There is a 6 pin cast member set in the middle. The frame does have a glass top but is hard to photo. Sent from my...
  11. splashmtnman

    DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #8 - RESULTS POSTED; POST #4

    I'm Lost... I woke up in a fog.. Where am I.. Just Keep Walking... I wonder who lives here... Keep moving This place is getting wild.... I think they call it.. The Adventure to Continue...
  12. splashmtnman

    Happy Birthday Glad to see your back in the "I got to have it" mode...

    Happy Birthday Glad to see your back in the "I got to have it" mode...
  13. splashmtnman

    DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #4

    My guess for the theme of the prize is: Princess and the Frog By my Avatar you would think... but Big Thunder Mountain will always be my favorite.. Riding it with No Hands on the Bar is the only way to ride..
  14. splashmtnman

    No "Villaintine" pins again this year

    Disney Auctions - Villaintines Pin Set (6 pins) 2004 LE100 Does anyone have actual pictures of these pins? I am sure they are out on display today.. could use them too..
  15. splashmtnman

    Sold/Ended: Evil Queen WoE

    Interested, PM sent
  16. splashmtnman

    2019 pin releases

    Markdown to $5.99 today at shopDisney
  17. splashmtnman

    WDW - Windows of Evil release - Evil Queen

    Wow! Where is the Headless Horseman when you need him.... Did you get the @figment919 "have a Magical Day" which is CM jargon for you know what!! lol! Are you camped out for tomorrow?
  18. splashmtnman

    Completed Game: Charity Fundraising Game (w/ Free Shipping!) - Prize Picking Time!

    The pick is in... I will keep with the Lion King class and select power hitting .. # 10. Pin 1834 - WDW - Lion King Series - Rafiki Pin 120031 - WDW - Mickey's Jingle Jungle Expeditions 2016 - Rafiki @teddy_ruxpin You are on the clock! (48 hrs)
  19. splashmtnman

    WDW - Windows of Evil release - Evil Queen

    In case you missed it here it is...It will be a Disneyland mad house on the 13th and it will be a re-sellers dream...
  20. splashmtnman

    Completed Game: Quick Christmas giveaway!

    What is your favorite Christmas carol? Winter Wonderland Caught me singing it as I answered these questions...Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, What is one of your family’s holiday traditions? The family likes to out, sometimes in a golf cart, and see our neighbors holiday displays...