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  1. bookhugger

    Hot Topic / Box Lunch Codes...

    Anyone have spare hot topic codes? I need a $15 off $30, $30 off $60, $45 off $90... thanks!
  2. bookhugger

    Zapped! By a STAR and a JADE!

    I met up with starry's sis (jadeites) in Ontario yesterday afternoon to pick up my winnings from Timeerkat's DSSH pins at cost and to pay for them too, since I didn't get the chance to pay before hand. I won Pocahontas cutie and the Thor/Hulk battle medallion. As I was about to give jadeites...
  3. bookhugger

    DLR-Area November 18, 2017 Pin Trading Event - Anaheim Holiday Inn - What did you get?

    Date: November 18, 2017 Location: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Anaheim 1240 S Walnut St Anaheim, CA 92802 Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (unless you pay for early entry) If you want a table, it is $50 per person (not the $40 listed). But, now they are letting...
  4. bookhugger

    Designer Pins - Flaws

    So, I got sent this screenshot on Facebook (I am not a member of the group, but will join): D23 happens in odd years in CA, right? And also in Japan? But the Japan expo sometimes happens the following year and stuff from the US expo are kept behind for the Japan one? But this is what I...
  5. bookhugger

    Disneyana room hopping

    Copied from Facebook. Disneyana room hopping! Rooms 523, 518, 534, 538 are open.
  6. bookhugger

    Help me identify this pin! subforum

    I noticed a new sub-forum called "Help me identify this pin! " when I came on today. Woohoo!
  7. bookhugger

    D23 2017 pins...what's coming out?

    I didn't see a thread for upcoming D23 pins so I thought I'd make one specific for D23. Hope that's okay?
  8. bookhugger

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!
  9. bookhugger

    To anyone participating in Rak to tbird

    Please send a PM to Tbird to get his correct address. I saw on FB that starry is in the hospital due to a sick family member.
  10. bookhugger

    DSSH Star Wars Trading Event 12/13/15

    I thought we could start a thread for pictures from the paid Star Wars Trading Event out on by DSSH. Who is going? And if you could post pictures here? I'll post any I find on Facebook
  11. bookhugger

    Christmas songs!

    KOST (a local radio station based out of Los Angeles, CA) has started playing Christmas songs already! I just heard a version of it on KOST, but I like the Blaine/Kurt (Glee) version.
  12. bookhugger

    HELP with a signature?

    Zagswife made my beautiful signature (see below) but it has the old website's pin #s (the one that got shut down). I was wondering if someone could help change it to be the PinPics pictures? I tried contacting her a long while ago but I don't think she's active anymore? Thanks!
  13. bookhugger

    Doll Game page?

    I thought there was a post somewhere about a Doll game page on Facebook? If someone could send me the link, I'd appreciate it!
  14. bookhugger

    I joined Facebook!

    I finally joined Facebook with my own account (I have been using a friend's to look around). I'm going to join as many Disney pin groups as I can find, maybe some doll groups, and then maybe some Fantasy pin groups. I probably need to add some friends too, so if anyone wants to send me a...
  15. bookhugger

    Person Of Interest (Season 4) - Spoilers

    Okay, I finally caught up on watching Person of Interest Season 4. Wow... I'll add some spoilers here S P O I L E R A L E R T That agent that Shaw trained that let her go, what's going to happen to him? Will the blonde Samaritan agent get to him? And OMG, they killed off Elias' right-hand...
  16. bookhugger

    Zapped by Merryweather and wintersorcerer

    Sorry I've been gone a long time but the summer was really busy with summer school, camp and babysitting for extra spending money. I was zapped this adorable Frozen Frame by Merryweather and, it looks like wintersorcerer (who won). I got it last month but wasn't able to get onto the forum...
  17. bookhugger

    Happy 4th of July

  18. bookhugger

    ~ZAPPED a spot in Starry's game!~Thank you mystery zapper!~

    I received a PM saying that I was zapped a spot in starry_solo's game. :wat: :eek2: Hooray! :wiggle: Now I have to figure out which spot to pick. :anxious...
  19. bookhugger

    The FLASH preview!
  20. bookhugger

    OUAT's Snow White & Charming (Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas) get married!

    They got married!