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  1. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Artland Robin Hood at cost

    ETA: SALE PENDING I bought this one to possibly add to my Robin/Marian collection, but upon reflection, I've decided not to keep it. So I'm offering it up to DPF for what I paid for it + shipping. In the US, that would be $48. (I included a quarter for size comparison because it's WAY bigger...
  2. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: PTDs, Park Packs, Mondo

    I need some funds for all the Mulan pins that have come out lately! :D Elinor PTD: SOLD Fergus PTD: $25 Zootopia Park Pack: $15 Sword in the Stone Park Pack: SOLD Mondo Mufasa: SOLD Prices include shipping and fees in the U.S. Add $10 for international shipping.
  3. LittleBird

    Zapped! Box of joy from stratasfan!

    I was delightfully surprised this week by a box from @stratasfan! She collected and made a variety of Mulan goodies for me! Inside the VHS clam shell is a mini pin board! And that bow is hand drawn and colored! This was such a fun surprise! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Elizabeth...
  4. LittleBird

    Zapped! The Missing Piece

    Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals, December has been a heckuva pin month for yours truly. I truly believed I had fulfilled my holiday magic quota. But lo! @slbrabham had one last bit of pixie dust up her sleeve. One piece closer? No, my friend. You took me all the way! My son jumped right onto...
  5. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Box Lunch wedding dress pins

    Feel free to post your wants and trades for the new Box Lunch wedding dress blind box set. Have: Rapunzel (x2), Jasmine Want: Mulan I also still have some of the Box Lunch bows to trade: Rapunzel, Jasmine, Maleficent
  6. LittleBird

    Zapped! Not zapped by Merlin

    The following is a true story. In the middle of scrambling to make a work deadline, I took a short lunch break. I was perusing various pin sites, including eBay. I decided to add a few of the Mulan Pop-up pins to my watchlist. I couldn’t buy one now, you see, because I have spent my pin funds...
  7. LittleBird

    Zapped! Mulan zapped like whoa

    Y'all, I have been on this forum coming up on six years now, and I am still blown away by the generosity and genuine excitement for others that people display here. This will come as a shock, but I was a wee bit excited when I learned a Mulan puzzle set was coming. And this past week was the...
  8. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Mulan Park Pack: ALL FOUND

    Hello again! Since posting my wants worked so well last time (@slbrabham and @TheMickeyMouseRules are awesome, btw), I'm back with more! At first, I was just going to keep the two Mulan pins I got in my Park Pack box and not worry about the others, but as I said in the Mail Days thread, why...
  9. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Kim's Too-Many-Good-Pins-Coming-Out Sale

    What's that? Lots of new Mulan pins coming out? What's that? Kim has no money for pins? Well, that's okay. Life is still a wonderful, magical... What? No! I'm not... I mean... All right, all right. Sheesh. First a little backstory... Prices as marked below, though I'm willing to...
  10. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Mulan Loungefly Bow and Dress #2

    Does anyone have these beauties for sale? The Mulan versions seem to be few and far between for some reason.
  11. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Sgt. Tibbs PTD

    Anyone have this heroic cat for trade?
  12. LittleBird

    Zapped! A beautiful bookmark and pin zap!

    A little while ago, @momin.ator offered to send me a King Fergus pin I was searching for. That was nice enough, but when I received the package today, I was blown away by the additional item she sent: An absolutely gorgeous cross-stitched Mulan bookmark! It is exquisite, and I adore it...
  13. LittleBird

    Zapped! bcol's vengeance is swift and brutal

    I just walked in the door after a two-day road trip from Alabama to Wisconsin, and our accumulated mail was in our mailbox, including an unexpected small Priority box. I opened it and... I was going to post in the 2019 pin resolution thread that my goal was to get one of the pins from my sig...
  14. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: Mulan: Paris and lunchbox

    Hello, all. I am in search of the following Mulan pins releasing this month: For now, I'm looking to trade (though I'll probably be willing to buy after the start of the new year). My traders are below. Let me know if you see something you like! :)
  15. LittleBird

    Zapped! Prestadigitonium!

    That must have been the spell @MerlinEmrys used to send these beauties to my mailbox: This fabulous guy zapped me two beautiful Mulan pins that I wasn't sure I would get for myself. Backstory: not long after Merlin opened requests for the WiR2 boxes, which I eagerly requested, my mental...
  16. LittleBird

    Zapped! by a dynamic duo

    Today I received my Mulan block from @Tokaji as expected, and that alone was cause for celebration (so... pretty...), but another LBE was keeping it company in my mailbox. The return address was one belonging to none other than our resident wizard, @MerlinEmrys. Inside was: The Merlin Card...
  17. LittleBird

    Almost Live Online: Character Blocks and Hats!

    Who's excited for tomorrow? :)
  18. LittleBird

    Zapped! Mulan dress zapped!

    I received a package today that I was not expecting. When I opened it, I found one of the pins that I most wanted to have right now: This little pin was such a ray of sunshine! I already had a spot on my Mulan board for it, but money is tight this month, so I was waiting to try to track it...
  19. LittleBird

    Guide to

    Since a lot of people are trying out right now (whoo!), I thought we should have a thread where we can post questions, information, and tips to using this database. I'll start us off, but @starry_solo is the one with the real inside knowledge. :) Great features: Anyone can add...
  20. LittleBird

    Sold/Ended: At-Cost Brave Pins

    I've decided to part with a few Brave pins (so I can get different Brave pins--it makes sense in my head), so I thought I'd offer them at cost to the fine folks of DPF. CM anniversary: SOLD Pixar event pin: $16 ABD: SOLD Shipping will be $3 in the U.S. and $14 internationally. Comment and PM...