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  1. BellesEnchantedRose

    Disney Birthday Gifts!

    I got some fun Disney birthday gifts that I thought I'd share!
  2. BellesEnchantedRose

    Trading: Our current traders!

    BellesEnchantedRose submitted a new item: Our current traders! - Current Traders Read more about this item...
  3. BellesEnchantedRose

    Sold/Ended: LE 500 "Do not underestimate the powers of Styrofoam!" Ends 4/25 @9PM PST

    Somehow I ended up with a double of this cutie! Ends Sunday, April 25th @ 9PM PST Pin 71877 - World of Disney Shooting Star Mystery Pin Set -- 4-Pc.Bolt ONLY LE 500 Wants: 87 Trades: 24 What I'm looking for: Beauty and The Beast Princess and The Frog Disney Dogs Cinderella My...
  4. BellesEnchantedRose

    1st Time Food and Wine recommendations!

    So surprise! Us girls ( @Chilikitty & @PeterPan'sFlight ) couldn't wait until January to get some Disney in our lives! SO we booked a girls trip for end of July-early August! We booked it probably 2 weeks before it was announced that Food and Wine was happening! We have NEVER been before! So...
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    Wanted: Our Top 3 Grail Wants [Deleted]

    BellesEnchantedRose submitted a new item: Our Top 3 Grail Wants - Grails wanted for myself, Chilikitty, and PeterPan'sFlight Read more about this item...
  6. BellesEnchantedRose

    Sold/Ended: Enchanted Emblems “The Ocean chose me.” Ends 4/18 @9PM PST

    Hi there! Let's get this party re-started with Moana! Ends Sunday April 18th @ 9PM PST Pin 141588 Enchanted Emblems – Moana LE 3,000 Wants: 37 Trades: 15 What I'm looking for: Beauty and The Beast Princess and The Frog Disney Dogs Cinderella My Pinpics/ptdb:BellesEnchantedRose...
  7. BellesEnchantedRose

    Sold/Ended: That old Prince John don’t scare me none! DSSH Robin Hood ends 10/4

    Hi Everyone! Another pin up for auction!(hopefully people like this one) They will be up for auction until Sunday October 4th, 2020 @9pm PST! Pin 114170-DSSH-Easter Train 2016-Skippy, Tagalong, and Sis Bunny LE-300 Wanting - 83 Trading - 17 Pinpics is Bellesenchantedrose My wants are...
  8. BellesEnchantedRose

    Sold/Ended: They Just Can't Get My Nose Right! Flynn, Ends Sept. 25th

    Hi Everyone! It's been a little bit but we have decided to put a pin up for auction! He will be up for auction until September 25, 2020 @9pm PST! Pin 117369 Royalty Mystery - Flynn Rider LR Wanting - 107 Trading - 26 Pinpics is Bellesenchantedrose My wants are: Beauty and the Beast Disney...
  9. BellesEnchantedRose

    Zapped! Puppy loving this zap!

    I had the opportunity to get back into the trading game after a couple year break. Krand1276 was so kind and patient with me while working out a trade. She even allowed me to switch out one of the pins we were trading so that I could get a pin that my mom wanted. Mail day came and sure enough...
  10. BellesEnchantedRose

    A little rusty, but ready to trade.

    Hi Everyone! It has been quite a bit since we've traded but it's time to get back into it. My mom and I have been trading on here since probably 2012 ish, but jobs/school have prevented us from enjoying it as much as we used to. We collect BATB Dumbo Cats Dogs Chip and Dale Cinderella...
  11. BellesEnchantedRose

    Zapped by the man himself!!!

    A GINORMOUS thank you to Docfish2u!! Not only did he work with me on a trade, but he also went above and beyond to zap me with an awesome paris christmas pin that was on my wants list!! :chip::chip::chip::chip::chip::chip:
  12. BellesEnchantedRose

    I've been zapped! The sweetest thing ever!

    Thank you so much Xanaduhaz! I absolutely adore every single thing you sent! I greatly appreciate that you put in the time and effort to zap me! My mom is going to LOVE her new electrical light parade pin! You are seriously a gem!
  13. BellesEnchantedRose

    Wdi: country bear jamboree set

    I'm looking for a friend who loves country bear jamboree! I'd love to help her complete her set. PIN numbers 99335, 99336, 99337.
  14. BellesEnchantedRose

    The good dinosaur!

    I got the cutest pin when I went to see The Good Dinosaur and the Downtown Disney AMC. I guess it's only usually for stubs members but they had a bunch extra! Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie! Reminds me of some of the movies when I was little like Balto! The pin is adorable...
  15. BellesEnchantedRose

    Dumbo podm

    My mom has been wanting a dumbo podm for a while now. I'd love to surprise her with one for her birthday. My pinpics is bellesenchantedrose. I'd love t trade for one or maybe a mix of trade and buy? Thanks!
  16. BellesEnchantedRose

    Its Zapping time!!! Winner gets to zap the member of their choosing! Ends friday 1/29

    We haven't done an auction in quite a while and we thought it would be fun to encourage some zapping! The winner of this auction will pick another member of their choosing to zap this pin to! The winner will NOT receive this pin but we will send them the shipping confirmation in a pm. The...
  17. BellesEnchantedRose

    Anyone want to trade??

    Really looking to trade some of these away tried doing a game but that didnt work. My pinpics is Bellesenchantedrose . Open to offers!! 1 .Pin# 86247 - 110th Legacy Collection - Lilo and Stitch LE250 2 Pin# 95347 DSF - Oz the Great and Powerful - Finley LE 300 3 Pin#...
  18. BellesEnchantedRose

    All LE pin game! WDI, DSF, DLR Check it out!

    Hello! Welcome to my first game! Every single pin (excluding one set of 11 pins) is Limited Edition! USA 1st spot bought= $25.00 Every spot after= $23.00 INTL 1st spot bought= $27.00 Every spot after= $23.00 Please send payment to via paypal also...
  19. BellesEnchantedRose

    ready to trade! le, wdi, and others

    hey guys, its been a little while but i'd love to do some trading. we have a pretty big wants list to let me know if you would be interested in trading. my pinpics is bellesenchantedrose . looking forward to some trades!
  20. BellesEnchantedRose

    Hello again!

    Hey guys, l'm not new but it's been A while so I figured I would re-introduce myself. I've been pintrading with my mom chilikitty for about 5 years and we are actually going to disney world in September! i do recognize some screen names on here but excited to meet some new members as well...