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  1. Mahrii

    RSP WDW event pins

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any interest in any of the pins of the RSP for the Genearations D, pin even at Epcot. I am mostly interested in items 11,12, 13 and 14 If you are interested in any of the pins, PLMK, I will put on my RSP and see if I can help you get them...
  2. Mahrii

    Please help! Looking for inside out DSF/DSSH pins

    Hey guys I'm hoping to find this set of pins, I am hoping someone might be able to help me get a set at a reasonable price. Please help me thanks ,
  3. Mahrii

    Beloved Tales Little Mermaid and kingdom Hearts grails for sale.

    Ariel $1050 paid as goods Kingdom Hearts $375 paid as goods
  4. Mahrii

    WTB DLR Ariel surprise release puzzle piece

    108787 DLR - The Little Mermaid Surprise Puzzle Series - Ariel Under The Sea
  5. Mahrii

    I received a RAK attack!!!

    Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the goodies you sent me during this last RAK attack. Wow, you have no idea how thankful I am. I had not received any LBE in about a year, maybe longer and this just made my year! I had a tough week and was so exhausted, but when I saw all...
  6. Mahrii

    Let's trade ... Tons of pins

    Hi, I decided to post several pictures of my traders, I will post more as I am able to. My name is Mahrii and its been too long since my last trade, I am a tradaholic and having severe withdrawals, please help. I NEED to find a LBE in my mailbox soon or I am going to go bonkers. :)...
  7. Mahrii

    Trading Wreck it Ralph UK, Anna PTN, Ariel Impressions, Tangled Party doll

    Hi, I am looking for: Ariel, Frozen, BATB, DOGS (non fab5), (some cats), WDI characters in Sorcerer hats, PTD's. I would say Frozen is my priority.
  8. Mahrii

    Can corkboards be painted?

    Hi, I am in the process of re-organizing my collection, as some have outgrown their boards. My favorite board came with black cork on it already and I would love for all of them to have that black background. I don't want to ruin them nor do I want them to leave paint on the back of the pins...
  9. Mahrii

    Wdw Anna ptn

    Looking to trade :Pin 100146: DLR - Disney Pin Trading Night 2014 - Anna Looking for other Frozen, wdi Disney dogs and characters in sorcerer hats. Thanks in advance Pinpics is Mahrii
  10. Mahrii

    I'm Back, need info

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could direct me to where I can find info about the WDW event countdown pins. I started out at last year's event and then didn't hear anything for a few months, then my life went crazy and now I am so lost. I want to get back into the hobby really badly, as...
  11. Mahrii

    More sad news, need pixie dust

    Dear friends, I have been trying desperately to get back into the hobby full force. After losing my mom, my mother on law, losing my cousin who was diagnosed with leukemia 19 days before he passed away, I now have to deal with this other sad news. My brother in law has been ran over by a truck...
  12. Mahrii

    How do you get caught up?

    Hey guys, I've been around for the last three years or so and I had some problems in life that got in the way of my pin collecting. My daughter and I got diagnosed with a hereditary disease that has no cure, I lost my mom, hubby lost his mom, daughter and I have been through too many surgeries...
  13. Mahrii

    Need to Trade, having withdrawals

    Hi everyone, Had surgery recently, again lol, and with the busyness of the holidays I am realizing that I'm way behind with my collections. Please look at my pinpics: Mahrii I will try to post a few pins here and there that might be of interest to ppl. I am way behind in my frozen collection...
  14. Mahrii

    Family emergency sale including some Ariel grails

    Unfortunately I'm having to make the hard decision to sell some of my grails to deal with a major family crisis. I can't post ask the pictures now since I'm on my phone. I'm selling Ariel seasons pin for $675 + shipping. R/C Ariel for $485 + shipping Disney mystery collection puzzle...
  15. Mahrii

    Got Anna ptn ap pin! Just had to share

    Just had to share, really excited to get it!
  16. Mahrii

    Mulan Designer couples pins, USA

    Anyone got this set who actually wants to trade them? I can't believe I missed them. :(
  17. Mahrii

    My disease, please help!

    Hi everyone, I wanted to take sometime for a while now and share with you guys a little of what has happened in my life and that of my daughter's. Given that September is the awareness month for our disease, I found the time to share this with you. We have a disease know as Charcot Marie Tooth...
  18. Mahrii

    Disney store Elsa Anna pin

    Hi,I am looking for this pin, I will buy, trade or trade plus cash.
  19. Mahrii

    Signed by artist Tangled grail podm scene / lf Frozen

    Hi, I am looking for Frozen pins that are htf/vhtf, not the new set as I have those. I am taking this out of my podm collection. It has been signed by the artist. Thank you for your consideration.
  20. Mahrii

    8/22 frozen pins

    Have these for sale, from today's release. Anna/Hans Jumbo Marquee Would like too sell for $410 for the set of three, shipped.