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  1. Vixy

    Sold/Ended: Get-Outta-Debt Pin Sale!

    Halp! I’ve been financially supporting a family member for a while now, and it’s sent me into more debt than is good for anyone. Buy a pin or two and rescue me (and my family)! All prices are payable via paypal as goods only, to Shipping in US: $3 on 1-5 pins; $5 on 6 or more...
  2. Vixy

    Oldbie who's been gone a while...

    ...been overwhelmed with work and medical stuff and mental health stuff and... well, y'all know how it goes. But I never stopped loving Disney pins! :D Hi hi hi!
  3. Vixy

    For Sale: Custom Pin Display Boards

    Same boards, new thread! :) Custom Pin Display Boards Made of corrugated plastic covered with fabric. This offer is for a CUSTOM board; the photos below are examples, but the shape, color and detail are up to you! More images: Finished boards Work in progress photos BASE PRICES: To be...
  4. Vixy

    Image limit in posts?

    Hello, I've been away for a while, now learning the new site. :) I tried to edit the text on my pin board sales post, but could not save my edits. It appears there's a limit of 20 images per post. I wasn't adding images, but the existing post before the redesign already had more than 20...
  5. Vixy

    Muses PTD

    Desperately seeking Muses PTD! Either sale or trade; I can paypal immediately. Please PM or comment! <3
  6. Vixy

    New pins added/prices reduced

    Greetings, groovy pin people! I've spent a little too much on pins and my credit card is mad at me. :eek: Time for a sale! Prices listed as goods. Paypal: Domestic shipping: $3 for the first three pins, $0.25 for each pin after that. International shipping: calculated case...
  7. Vixy

    Making Disney pin boards - time lapse video

    Hey all! I thought it might be interesting to take some time lapse video of the process of making my pin display boards. I took these photos in spring of 2015 and finally got around to making a video out of them. :) This one is the lily pad pin board for my Princess and the Frog collection...
  8. Vixy

    Caroling with Aurora! Ends Wed 12/16/15 8pm PST

    It's December and I feel an auction coming on!! This lovely jumbo pin from Disney Soda Fountain could be yours just in time for Christmas! DSSH - Christmas Carolers Jumbo Series - Sleeping Beauty - LE 400 Pinpics #106967 ~ PintradingDB #4570 (Yes, it looks just like the Pinpics photo...
  9. Vixy

    One for the Tangled fans! Ends Tues Oct 20 PST

    Here's an auction for the Tangled fans! DSF - Pin Trading Event Logo - Rapunzel (Surprise Release) Pinpics 95111 ~ PinTradingDB 4464 48 trading / 137 wanting! Preferences: My wants list (Pinpics vixyish/PinTradingDB Vixy) My BFF's wants list (Pinpics Seanan) Good traders, especially DSF...
  10. Vixy

    Valiant & Villainous Snow White - Ends Thurs Oct 8

    It's kinda quiet around the ol' Auction House lately! How about one for the Snow White fans? Pinpics 90008 ~ 29 trading/122 wanting My pinpics is vixyish, my pintradingdb is vixy, I love my wants but am open to bids of good traders as well! Auction ends: Thursday, October 8, 2015, 8pm...
  11. Vixy

    Glen Keane - Step Into the Page

    Came across this super cool short video and thought y'all might like it. Animator Glen Keane puts on an Oculus and draws in 3D.
  12. Vixy

    Dolls for Disney pins - Classic PatF and Monster High Scaris

    These dolls have been sitting in their boxes for a few years now... it's time to admit I just don't have room for them. I'd like to trade them for pins. I don't want to make a profit, I just want these to go to someone who will love & appreciate them! Disney Classic Doll collection (not LE)...
  13. Vixy

    DESIGNER VILLAIN Mother Gothel - ends 9/10/15 8pm Pacific

    Mother knows best... or does she? Up for auction is this beautiful Designer Villain pin: Limited edition of 200 Pinpics 92499 ~ PintradingDB 9409 Bids do not have to be on my wants, but of course my wants are, well, things I want. That's logic! (Wait, wrong Disney movie.) My pinpics...
  14. Vixy

    New Horizons Pluto flyby!

    As some of you may have heard, the New Horizons mission that NASA launched in 2006 made it to Pluto yesterday and will spend the next 16 months sending back new data on Pluto & Charon! We have the first clear photo EVER of Pluto and it's gorgeous. The already iconic one being passed around is...
  15. Vixy

    DLP Aurora symbol locket - ends Mon 6/29/15

    Up for auction is this lovely Aurora pin! (photos of actual pin) DLP - Princess Symbol Locket - Aurora Pinpics 94276 ~ Pintradingdb 1169 Bids hoped for: Anything from my wants (pinpics vixyish; pintradingdb vixy) or Seanan's wants (pinpics Seanan) Anything that's a good trader! Our...
  16. Vixy

    Aladdin Broadway pin - ends June 4, 2015

    Up for auction is this lovely pin from the Broadway show of Aladdin in New York! Seanan bought this pin at the Broadway Aladdin as part of the $65 "fan pack", which includes a program, a CD, and this pin. As far as we know that's the only place it can be purchased. (No idea of edition size...
  17. Vixy

    RESOLVED (Pinpics using my photos w/o permission)

    Edit: Looks like the photos were taken down. Either my Facebook PM or my email got through to someone. This thread can be closed. ---------------------------------------------------------- So I logged in to Pinpics this morning to check "What's New" and saw WOAH WAIT WOAH. The photos of the...
  18. Vixy

    Aladdin Broadway show pin

    My best friend is wondering whether anyone has seen this pin on Pinpics or knows any info about it. It's hard to trade or auction with nothing to link to. She got it at the Broadway show of Aladdin in New York. Anyone know anything?
  19. Vixy

    A box of foxes!

    Well it was a heck of a mail day around here! Some purchases & trades arrived, which I was expecting... but I was not expecting a box full of zapped goodies! :cheshire: Thank you so much Sora! This really brightened my day. :D
  20. Vixy

    A few GenEARation D pins (yes me too)

    If anyone is going to GenEARation D and doesn't want all their pins, I'd love to buy or trade for these. (I would also be happy to contribute a reasonable amount to your ticket if need be.) For pins in box sets: I can't buy a whole set, but if you can break it up I can contribute a little...