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    DisneyWorld Pin Trading Locations and traveling with pins

    Hi everyone! We're traveling to Disneyworld next month and I was wondering where people trade at Disneyworld or Downtown Disney. Just wondering if it's even worth it to bring our pins as I don't want to have to worry about more stuff in our luggage! Do you check pins with your luggage? Put it...
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    Designer Aladdin and Jasmine

    Designer Couple Aladdin and Jasmine for sale $300 OBO (paypal fees and shipping included).
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    Pins added! DSF, Beloved Tales, Little Mermaid, designer couples first set

    Hello, We are selling off most of our pins. All prices listed include shipping and tracking within the US. Please send a message if you have any questions. DESIGNER COUPLES PINS - FIRST SERIES - Rapunzel & Flynn: $575 OBO Ariel & Eric: $350 OBO SOLD Jasmine & Aladdin: $300 OBO Beauty & the...
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    Hello! I am finally parting with my kiss the girl/little mermaid collection. These pins are for sale only. Prices include shipping and tracking within the US. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :) Pin 30591: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Ariel and Prince Eric Heart - $200...
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    Los Angeles Wedding Vendors/Recommendations

    Hi DPF! So Godfrey and I have been trying to sell off most of our pins to pay for our upcoming wedding on November 8. We've booked our ceremony and reception venue but are still in need of everything in between - photographer, videographer, possibly a florist, etc. We are trying to be as cost...
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    Designer Ariel & Eric - will trade or buy

    Hello! I am looking for the Designer Ariel and Eric. It is the very last one I need to complete the designer couples. If you have one for trade or sale, please feel free to send me a trade offer or your sale price. I am willing to multi-trade (within reason)! Thanks so much in advance for the...
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    13 Beloved Tales, Tangled Chair Pin & Princess Pins! Everything must go!

    Hi everyone! We're trying to clear out the last of our pins so we're putting them up here. Shipping and delivery confirmation is included for all prices within the US. Add $6 for shipping out of the country. Please PM me for multi-pin purchase discounts or any questions. Thank you...
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    ALL Iron Man 3 pins - including surprise pin - $275 shipped

    Hello! We wanted one for our collection and we were fortunate enough to get 2 so we'd like to sell one here. $275 shipped for all the pins released today, including the surprise pin and pin trading event pin. PayPal payments accepted only. Thank you!
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    A CRAY(ola) pin game! GAME IS FULL! PRIZE LIST IS UP! Winners announced!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE & THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING :) Neon Lightning: ** Cerulean Frost – Pin Trading Stamp Collection Belle & Pin Trading Stamp Collection Minnie Magic Mint – Hidden Mickey Pack A Dalamara: Purple Pizazz – Hidden Mickey Pack B Dingy Dugeon – Designer Evil Queen...
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    Pincredible Pin Sale! - MORE PINS ADDED!

    Hi everyone! Here is just a plain old sale. Pins are being added as I get to them so stay tuned! Price includes shipping and delivery confirmation within the United States. If you'd prefer to pick up or meet up in person, we live in the Los Angeles area and would be okay with setting up a...
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    Disney Couples Mystery pin pack - individual pins starting at $6

    Hello! We are selling these pins from the disney couples mystery pin pack. Shipping will be $2.00 per package (regardless of how many of these pins you buy) $6: Mickey & Minnie Mouse Peter Pan Donald & Daisy Duck Alice in Wonderland $10: Cinderella Snow White Sleeping Beauty $13: Little...
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    Finally updated! 5 pins at a time: Designer Rapunzel & Beloved tales

    Hello DPF! So we had a bit of anxiety about parting with certain pins but we have decided to finally part with some of our favorite pins. Please read ALL of the following: *Edit: It was difficult to do one pin so we have resorted to 5 pins at a time. At random times during the day, I will...
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    Designer Villains - Sold Individually!

    Hello! I am selling the Designer Villains that I have left. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in purchasing, please send me a PM. Shipping will be $3.00 as long as you live within in the United States. Pin 92500: - Designer Villains Pin...
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    Designer Villains, Beloved Tales, Tangled & more for Snow White, BatB or Cin PODM!!

    Hello! I need these 3 PODM's to complete a frame I am trying to put together. If you have one for trade/sale, please let me know. I am looking for scenes that have a clear picture of the princess in the cell. Of course I'll be willing to trade harder pins for the nicer scenes. Please feel free...
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    Grail Chain

    Since everyone else is doing it.... :P I am looking for 47869 Disney Auctions - Elisabete Gomes (Ariel & Eric) Please let me know if I have anything for trade you might want or know anyone who has it. I'd be wiling to give up my better pins for this! Thank you! Any help is appreciated :D
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    Designer Villains Set, Tangled Grails, Beloved Tales & other HTF pins! Let's trade :D

    Hello DPF Family! I am currently looking to trade out of my personal collection to try and find some (or all :x:) of the following pins. If you don't see anything you like from my traders/collection, please let me know what you WOULD trade for a pin I've listed and I will try and make trades...
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    Pin Sale! Tangled, Avengers, DSF, Paris Pins & more!

    Price listed includes shipping and delivery confirmation! If you are international, please contact me for shipping price. Tangled 89645: DSF – Ticket Stub Series – Rapunzel $60 86852:: – 110th Legacy Collection Rapunzel Pin $80 83141:: DLP – Rapunzel & Pascal $100 82641:: Jerry...
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    Complete Designer Villains - Please read entire post

    Hello DPF! I would like to set up a trade for the complete Designer Princess Pins. I am trading away the entire Designer Villain set (in box) to receive the entire Designer Princess set (in box). Obviously, there are 10 pins in the princess set while there are only 6 pins in the villains...
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    Tangled collection: DS Rapunzel, DS Compact, DSF, Etc.

    Hello everyone! We are parting with our Tangled collection and taking a step back from pin trading as a whole. However, before we sell the collection, we would like to give the opportunity for Tangled collectors to trade for them first. We are looking to complete either the Beloved Tales...