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    For Sale: Frozen Singing DS Dolls, Frozen Lego, Eevee Flocked, Etc…

    Hello! :) I have some items wasn’t sure if anyone needed/wanted … prices include PayPal fees of course and shipping can be combined. US shipping is what is quoted- I can try to attempt international but it’s been a long time so I’d have to learn the ropes again and see if it would work...
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    A General Expression of Appreciation :)

    Hi DPF friends!! Before the hack I wasn’t able to be on DPF much again, and That will likely be the consistent trend for me moving forward. I just wanted to assure anyone who notices less of my post that it’s not at all in connection to anything discouraging or sad. Quite the contrary, I’ve...
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    Looking to Buy Minnie Cocoa Pin from 2019 mystery set

    Cant buy right now or try to trade as we have to hold off on that right now Hello everyone! Came across this set and hoping to purchase a few from it :) dumbo ... Pending found Minnie if anyone has Dumbo and Minnie for sale please let us know! Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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    Sold/Ended: Upcoming Frozen Castle - 2 Journals, 1 Pin Request...

    Hi everyone! :) Sorry my contribution to this awesome site has been sparse as of late. The short story of it all is that trying to finish a 3 year rebuild during Covid is absolutely not what any of us imagined we’d be going thru and it’s been pretty up and down with nerves! O_o that being said...
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    For Sale: Unstuffed Cheerilee My Little Pony Build a Bears

    We have two unstuffed brand new my little pony build a bears if anyone would like one or both. It is the Cheerilee Teacher Pony We bought them for an upcoming Disney trip thinking that they still had one in downtown Disney, but since finding out it was closed, we decided to just buy my nieces...
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    Sold/Ended: Pin 60976 - Disney Classic Series - Peter Pan (Jumbo/Easel)

    Really hoping to find this one to replace for my mom- thanks for any leads!! :) Still Looking for these too... Does anyone have these pins for sale? Will be continually adding to this want thread from now on ^.^ Designer Disney Shoe Pins - Mary Poppins, Anna and Tinker Bell Walt Disney...
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    Sold/Ended: Another Anniv Purchase Request... DL 60th Anniv Pin Bag

    hello! :) My mom and dad’s Anniv finished and tho I am still in search of the pin I was looking for for them, I can’t complain with how awesome everything turned out - it was a family group effort paid off for a beautiful memory :D Now my sister’s and her husband’s Anniv is coming up, and my...
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    Sold/Ended: Pin 47577 DLR - Featured Artist Collection 2006 - Alex Maher - Main Street U.S.A. (Jumbo)

    Hello everyone!! Lurking a lot more than being able to post these days, but wondering if anyone had this pin for sale for a special occasion: Pin 47577 Walt Disney Pins, Trading Disney Pins, Value Of Disney Pins | PinPics It’s my mom and dads 40th anniversary and we were hoping to find this...
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    Sold/Ended: Disney Parks Ear Hat with Engravings? (long time no see :> )

    Hi everyone! :) Long time no see... It's been very busy for the past couple of months. Still haven't broken ground, but all of us are doing well and trying to 'just keep swimming' :) I had a question/favor. We were hoping to replace my nieces' Mickey Ear Hats. Would someone near the parks be...
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    RAKed! Story's Story to Tell... =,)

    This a story that doesn't necessarily began with Once Upon a Time It begins with a home that was more than a house, a certain family realized. Because even without the walls and trinkets and things that made the house so dear The home was a family that will thrive and survive even when walls...
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    Zapped! Zapped by the so thoughtful and kind momin.ator!

    We have received so many kind words and thoughts recently, and each and every one has touched our heart in a unique way. Gwen's (momin.ator) zap was no exception to this :) She had messaged me that she wanted to zap me one of the pins we were trying to replace (sorry for not having the actual...
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    Sold/Ended: Mickey's Pal Pluto Snowglobe

    Capture If anyone has one for sale, please let me know and thanks so much for any help :)
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    Sold/Ended: Looking to Buy - Update 12-22 - More Quests!

    Hello, So a new pin hunt is beginning for my family and I. I'm going to keep this thread as the one place to update. Since we don't have a lot of traders at the moment (just the extra bradford ones listed in my 'trade' thread), we are looking to purchase pins mentioned here. I will try to keep...
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    Sold/Ended: Looking for Bambi Bradford exchange pin- have some to trade

    Bradford Exchange pins looking for: Bambi (willing to trade or purchase for) Bradford Exchange pins for trade: Princess and the Frog (card available) Jungle Book (card available) 101 Dalmatians (card available) Pocahontas (card available) Fantasia (no card available) pending?
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    Sold/Ended: Anyone near Disneyland open to pickups?

    Hi, This might be a long shot, but thought id ask here just in case. There are some sweatshirts/jacket I am trying to find from Disneyland. I don’t know exact names for them but I should be able to track down pics for most (I just need to figure out how/where to upload pics since photobucket...
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    Question about Pinopolis order

    Hi everyone, So in late September, there were some preorders going on for acme pins using the pinopolis site. Two of the designs were of brave tailor Mickey and Snow White. I preordered a brave tailor and Snow White pin on one order for my mom, and then a brave tailor pin on a separate order...
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    Sold/Ended: Pin 40627 DLR - Magical Milestones - 50th Anniversary Park Attractions (Super Jumbo/3D)

    I deleted my other thread since we have tracked down a lot of the main pins from our pin frame, and other pins we are going to try and pull from our pin book collections to put the frame back together. Our main focus in trying to purchase or trade for now is this one: Pin 40627 DLR - Magical...
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    Zapped! Thank you so much for your kindness, Ocean7!!

    The most important part of a zap is the thought and kindness behind it. It's been an extremely difficult time for my family and I- really hard to believe that it has been over a month. When things have gone wrong, I could always count on the comforts of home, even when I didn't realize I had...
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    Sold/Ended: Is the DL castle small Dooney pouch still available at Disneyland?

    If so and if someone is visiting the parks, I would love to try and replace mine. It’s the small dooney version of Mickey and Minnie sitting in front of the Disneyland castle thanks for any info or help
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    House burnt down (update on us 10/22)

    Happier update : we are all doing well and looks like all eleven of us have found housing for six months. But of most wonderful news... my sister had her baby today and I am a happy aunt to my first nephew. :) Thanks again everyone and just thought it’d be kind to end these updates on a happier...