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  1. mickeymousje

    Sold/Ended: For medical costs Elsa ACME

    Hi everyone! Due to my medical condition I have to go to a hospital 2 hours away from me, my health insurance doesn’t cover these costs and because I have to go several times a week I have to gather some funds to cover these costs. That’s why I’m selling this beautiful LE 100 Elsa Acme pin for...
  2. mickeymousje

    Sold/Ended: DEC character name pins

    Hi everyone! I got the chance to buy these DEC LE250 pins @cost. I’m asking a bit more then cost because I already had to pay shipping and pp fees. They are currently on the way to @MerlinEmrys I’m asking $20 each plus shipping and pp fees. I can ask Merlin if he can ship them so shipping is...
  3. mickeymousje

    Zapped! Zapped by the lovely Shelterkat!!

    Yesterday the mailcarrier came at my door with a envelope but I didn't expected anything. It was this lovely ZAP from the lovely Shelterkat!! Thank you so much!! :D
  4. mickeymousje

    Zapped! I got zapped by mominator!

    A friend who receives packages for me in the USA to save on shipping costs sent me this picture today. Gwenn (mominator) helped me with the DMC Olaf pin and with it she sent this beautiful Rapunzel handmade bookmark! I love it so much and have been loving them so much when I saw others post...
  5. mickeymousje

    2019 pin releases

    2018 is coming to an end and some of the 2019 pins are previewd at yesterday's event (08 Nov 2018)! WDW preview board, pictures from @MerlinEmrys
  6. mickeymousje

    Health update

    Hi DPF family!! Missed everyone and missed reading all the updates on the forum. Some of you may know about my health issues and that I have the brain tumor back once again. It's the 4th time the stupid thing is back and have radiotherapy now. I haven't been online in a long time because of the...
  7. mickeymousje

    Princess handbag pins and Rapunzel HM completer pin

    Hi everyone! I'm back! :) I haven't been on DPF for a few weeks because of my health again but I'm back :) I'm looking for the new released mystery princess handbag pins. I only want Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa, anyone trading/selling? :) I'm also looking for the DLR HM completer pin of...
  8. mickeymousje

    Health update

    Hi everyone! As some of you might know (or not I'm not sure) I'm having issues with my health again. I'm recovering from a brain tumor (the 4th time now) and wanted to let everyone know that my last MRI scan was okay! The tumor isn't all gone but it hasn't changed or grow! As long as it stays...
  9. mickeymousje

    Zapped! The cutest zap ever!

    So 2 days ago I got a very big bubblemailer and didn't recognize the address and couldn't think if I had ordered something. But nope I didn't it was a super cute heartwarming zap from Ann (Addicted to Alice Pins) She sent me the 4 Frozen itty bitty's that I had been drooling for on her sales...
  10. mickeymousje

    Zapped! Zapped by Avatarang1

    So Mark (Avatarang1) had a trade auction for the Disgust PTD, I bid on the aucion and won! Yaaay! :D He sent me a PM that he wanted to zap me the pin instead because of my health problems etc. So he shipped the pin to a friend who had collected several packages for me and she shipped them to me...
  11. mickeymousje

    Sold/Ended: WDI prince Hans pin WDI Rapunzel

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for the WDI prince Hans pin. I prefer to trade and willing to trade multiple pins of my traders, my pinpics is mickeymousje (I changed it from disneydream11 to mickeymousje :) ) Please note that I live overseas, but I have a US address you can ship to if needed :)...
  12. mickeymousje

    I was finally able to put pins on my heart shaped pin board

    A little while ago I got zapped by AshleyV with the heartshaped pin board and some other goodies and a pin. I promised to show her my display when I'd put pins on it. But because of my health and not much energy it took me a while but today I was finally able to put my pins on my board. I...
  13. mickeymousje

    A beautiful zap from Jrdnsmom

    Janice (Jrdnsmom here on DPF) have been pin friends since 2011 or 2012 trough DPF. She was so nice to pickup the new OE Rapunzel pins for me but said she wanted to gift them to me. I was so happy and overwhflmed because it was so nice of her! Yesterday her package arrived at my house and when I...
  14. mickeymousje

    Sold/Ended: New Olaf pin and Rapunzel OE pins

    Hi everyone! I'm really looking for these new OE pins from WDW. The Olaf pin is from Disney Springs. Hope to trade for them because I'm still recovering financially from the pickups I did and got stolen and had to cover them to get them to the people. So no pin buying for me at the moment. My...
  15. mickeymousje

    Awesome zap from AshleyV

    I told in a thread how I loved these heart displays. So our dear DPF member AshleyV sent me a PM asking if I wanted a heart board because she picked up one extra, I told her that it was a very kind offer but that shipping international would be too expensive and I told her I couldn't afford it...
  16. mickeymousje

    Got one of my holy grails!!! Squeee so excited :D

    Got one of my holy grails today, a pin I thought I would never add to my collection. I'm so happy! :D
  17. mickeymousje

    Disneyland Paris pins please read if you ordered pins

    Hi everyone! I used to do pickups for the forum 2 or 3 years ago when I visited DLP on a regular base. Because of my health I havent been to DLP for 1,5 years now and I'm going back! I'm going January 27th :) I will be offering pickups for the people here at cost plus shipping :) Here...
  18. mickeymousje

    For sale new in box Frozen watch

    Hi everyone! Selling this Frozen watch. It's brand new in it's box. I'm asking $15 and $6 shipping
  19. mickeymousje

    My package from Timeerkat's giveaway!

    I won Timeerkat's giveaway for her anniversary here on DPF and got these lovely goodies! Thanks so much! My sister already pinched the Cinderella charm before I could take the pic, lol
  20. mickeymousje

    Frozen 5K medallion pin and letters

    Hey everyone! :) I'm looking for this pin to buy or trade: I'm also looking for the mystery box letters A,E,O and S (Frozen characters)