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  1. DisneyPinsNYC

    Someone Trying to log in to my account

    Hi members and Mods- it's been a while since I've been on... been busy with life. I wanted to let everyone know that someone was trying to login under my name- in case anyone has received strange messages from me or anything. I have reset my password and all should be well now. Just wanted to...
  2. DisneyPinsNYC

    New Fantasy Land - August 2012

    Hello everyone! As promised, here are some pics of the NEW FANTASY LAND so far.... It was a little overcast that day and I was unable to get any good pictures of Prince Eric's Castle. I think the steel structure is the start of the Mine Cart Roller Coaster. I hope you all enjoy... More Pin...
  3. DisneyPinsNYC

    Art of Animation Resort pictures....

    Hello All, Here are some photos of the NEW CARS area in THE ART OF ANIMATION RESORT. Thought some of you might like to see..... The last photo has the NEMO building in the background. Kern
  4. DisneyPinsNYC

    LIVE.... from Walt Disney World... Pin Releases.

    Hello everyone! It's Kern here and I'm reporting from WDW. I've been doing some trading in DTD and HS. I was able to score this really cool pin, LE 300, at the DISNEY TRADERS store- the last one! : I might be willing to trade if anyone has the JUMBO SCOOP pin, or possible grails.... although...
  5. DisneyPinsNYC

    "When you wish upon a star..." ... what PIN do you dream of?

    So.... here it is DPFers.... This may not be a new concept, but I think it might be a fun thread.... If you could design a DREAM PIN... what would it be? :anxious:
  6. DisneyPinsNYC

    Visiting WDW Aug 2-6 for my Birthday!

    Hello DPF Members, Anyone going to be around WDW during AUG. 2-6? I'll be down there celebrating my BIRTHDAY... always nice to meet other PIN TRADERS. This is a last minute trip, I'm very excited.
  7. DisneyPinsNYC

    It's been a while... Happy New Year

    Hello fellow Pin Traders... I have been away for a bit, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. I'm back in NYC and starting to get into a groove again. Magically, Kern
  8. DisneyPinsNYC

    PLUTO - Pin ID

    Can anyone help me with this pin ID? I have not been able to find it on PINPICS. The tail is gold like the outline, not the color of his body. Thank you all...
  9. DisneyPinsNYC

    Hello from NYC

    I'm looking for fun and trades! Anyone in the NYC area? I'm always looking for Robinhood pins... Stop by my profile and say hello sometime...