A long long LONG overdue update ~ A TY plus pin boards! =D

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    I almost feel like I should put this in the introductions forum :eek:

    Hello pin friends => To those who may not know me, my name is Kayla and I use to post here quite a bit. I still enjoy lurking as I said in one of my pin search threads, but I have not been able to post very much since 2017 since we were affected by the NorCal fires.

    We lost many but not all of our pins in the fire - Indiv collections were lost for my two older sisters- one older sister who has a family of how three (and as I said in the other thread all of their collective pins went up) and my youngest sister. And pin boards that we had put together as a family we’re all lost - I believe 8 pin boards in all.

    For those who weren’t on the forums at the time, outpouring of kind words and help was absolutely touching and really was a bright light for our hobby in the midst of everything going on. Many dear members even put together a RAK that really came when we needed a smile most. So if you are new, you made a great choice in where to enjoy pin collecting ... but you probably already realized that ;)

    I kept meaning to post pictures of the pin boards many members and other online collectors helped us to redesign, but I had trouble uploading to a new photo site and learning the ropes. And, while we were hoping differently, we are still displaced. If anyone is familiar with dealing with a fire disaster, then you may already understand that patience is not as simple of a word as you may have thought it to be before. But we have a lot of support that helps us cope and really have faith in better times ahead.

    Without further ado, and to those who skipped the novel (I’m STORY, get it??? :p) here are the pin boards!!

    [​IMG]Family Pin Board 1 by kayla nichole, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Family pin board 2 by kayla nichole, on Flickr

    To all who reached out to us with kind words and deeds, thank you dearly!! Momin.ator, curiousdinah, Dawny, SoraPandora, CCofRR13, Ocean7, timeerkat, kiragigi, Addicted to Alice Pins, and others with your kind expressions and anonymous gifts... I could name so many more I know, but please know how appreciated your kindness still is!​

    We have only had one pin day in the course of our ordeal but should have another one coming up, and so I will try to update with pins of our bags and any other boards we have time to arrange :D

    Thanks so SO much for making pin collecting so much fun everyone!! Even if I don’t always have time to say it, this is such a great place and resource for pin fun! <3
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  2. DisneyJ

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    I am certainly happy to see you back on the forum. While I have never experienced what you and your family endured (and still are) - please know this board is always here for support.

    The new pin boards are amazing!

    When I saw the name it reminded me of the VinylNation days. If I recall, your sisters were also active members of that forum.
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  3. Addicted to Alice Pins

    Addicted to Alice Pins The Llama Lady (aka Alpaca Ann)

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    KAYLA!!!! It's so great to see you posting; I have actually been wondering how you're all doing. The pin boards you've recreated are beautiful and probably twice as meaningful as they were the first time. I hope you're able to join us as time and circumstances permit. You've been missed.

    As far as patience ... yup. I haven't (thankfully) experienced what you have, but the family two doors down from us lost their home in a fire several years ago. It seemed to take forever for the insurance and everything else to grind its wheels and get their home rebuilt. Of course, it probably seemed even longer to them, since they were the ones displaced. Here's hoping that things start to move forward for you guys.

    I'll drop you a PM soon, because I actually have a few items that I think you might like. :D
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  4. Ajk

    Ajk Let's party like its 2019.

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    Very happy to hear from you! Sad to hear you are still displaced, but hopefully things moving in the right direction.

    The pins look FANTASTIC! Glad you were able to re-accumulate so many great ones.
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  5. stitchismyspiritanimal

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    Thanks for the update. I'm always interested in how the membership is doing. I hope you are able to settle down again soon on a more permanent basis. Take care, Don.

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  6. Story

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    @DisneyJ , Thank you! Yes, you remember right! :)

    I was also very sorry to read about your dog - I wasn’t sure if I posted on your initial thread or not. We lost ours a few months after our home, and he is still very much a part of our hearts <3 Hope things have been well for you!!

    @Addicted to Alice Pins, thank you!! They are so much more meaningful now. I helped design the second one and my brother helped my mother with the first one. She has plans to expand it into two pin boards ... a much needed “pin day” is coming up soon =D

    Yes! That’s exactly what we are dealing with. It is a grueling process and hard to imagine actually being home again, but we focus on making the most of family memories in the meantime and keeping busy. I will certainly try to be around more and at least give positive updates as they come by- the forum has grown in a great way! ;)

    @Ajk, thank you! Yes it is so nice to see some old and new pins come together. It really helps us to move forward rather than to think about what was lost.

    @stitchismyspiritanimal, thank you! Take care as well and all the best in your collecting!
  7. momin.ator

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    Glad to see you lurking around (as I said before). Your new boards look great!
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  8. CCofRR13

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    So good to see you back and your boards look fantastic! ((HUGS)) to you and your family.
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  9. Story

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    *searched through appropriate threads... found this one to revive.... CLEAR!*

    hi everyone! When posting this, I thought we were a summer away from a move in. But that’s another story... and that Story had no idea how house building works -.-

    this Story does! At least our one time experience... and I care not to become an expert :/

    In all seriousness, it’s been an up and down roller coaster and one I don’t want to delve into too much since during this time I know everyone has a deal of their own stresses to cope with <3

    the icing on the cake was the Covid pandemic leading to (understandable) restrictions on how much work can get done at a time on our house.

    BUT the light at the end of the tunnel is that... drumroll... we should be moved in by June 7th! There will still be some work to do but We will be home and under one roof and that’s what counts and what is worthy to share! :D

    stay safe everyone and thinking of everyone affected during these unique times right now! <3
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  10. Papaya

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    Sorry to hear about the fires, I'm sure it must have been tough.
    Your current pin boards are wonderful! I really love the composition of the pins inside, especially on the 1st one - they're placed perfectly and look so nice together. Love the vehicle theme going on in the 1st one too. :)
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