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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by DiamondDollJeanette, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I have a slight Annual Pass Rant. So on Tuesday we made a trip to Epcot specifically so we could active our annual passes. Well I admit I was confused when I set it up and didn't realize that I had to have my debit card connected to my MyDisneyExperience, rookie mistake.
    Well due to this my first monthly payment didn't go through and Epcot saw this when we went to activate.
    Here's what irks me, instead of helping fix this, a 5 minute fix that I remedied by my self last nigh, they do something shady and give me a complimentary day pass disguised as my Annual Pass card.
    So here we enjoy the park thinking everything was fine.
    Anyway flash forward to last night trying to get our Magic Bands and I find out after calling guest services that my pass was never activated. Basically making going to Epcot a complete waste and now I have to make a special trip down to Disney Springs just to activate it.
    And on top of this is we have to do it today because we want to her Fast Passes a month early for our trip to Galaxy's Edge on September 16th aka why we did this all this week in the first place .
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    I saw your post on FB. They gave you a complimentary pass when they couldn't figure out why your AP hadn't activated? That is not shady at all.

    So now, instead of your AP expiring on 8/12/2020 (leap day so that's why it'll go to the day prior), it will expire 8/15/2020 when you get it activated tomorrow.

    BTW, you don't need an active AP in order to do fastpasses. The voucher is sufficient on MDE, but I believe you can only do 7 days worth of tickets? So wait until 9/16 to activate the AP and book your FPs now.

    Disney Moms Panel doesn't always have the correct information, but in this case, they do:
    If I get an annual pass, can I make fast pass... | Disney Parks Moms Panel
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    Yeah sorry about my crappy attitude, I think I was just still tired from Epcot, at least if was resolved and they threw in two complimentary fast passes to Star Tours as well as Rockin Rollercoaster for the 16th.

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