Anyone have Mystery pin boxes that they would scan?

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by stratasfan, Oct 29, 2019.

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    Sis and I are making a pin store for our American Girl dolls. We'd like to make doll-sized mystery pin boxes, and Sis was wondering if anyone who has mystery boxes (that they open and aren't keeping for their collection) would be willing to flatten one (totally flat, separating the join so that the entire box and flaps show when flattened) and scan it. If she has a scan of an entire box, she could put her own graphics over the sections and it would be correct when we needed to cut it out and fold the box when it was printed. :)

    They don't have to be super-high-res, as we are making them small for the dolls. :)

  2. momin.ator

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    I can do that. I have several. Just give me a day or two. :)
  3. stratasfan

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    Oh, thanks! No problem! This is a project we are working on to be able to set up by Christmas, which means we have the next month to work at making all the things to print so we can then make the boxes! We just did a Campaign For Wool week, and did some set-ups for photo shoots.

    Bunty's Campaign for Wool

    Well, we are working on making a pin store with trading boards, so that we can set up a pin trading event! :) However, we don't have any boxes to scan, as we only thought of this a couple of days ago. (Poor timing)

    So many thanks! We'll look forward to the scans!

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