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    So, first, an apology. I've had this for a second and just haven't had the headspace to do a good write up. But finally, it is time to give credit where credit is due.

    @AvatarAng1 and I had a bigger trade set up for various pins. As we finally closed the deal, and after waiting for my move to complete, we finally shipped off. What arrived was not only what we agreed to trade (which was so amazing it might as well be called a zap), but some fantastic actual zaps which he knew I was hunting for!

    First, the actual trade: GASP!!!



    I am STUPID HAPPY to finally own this pin!! Ang has held onto it until the proper trade could come through, and we finally made it happen AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

    Ahem. Okay, composure.... We also agreed to a trade for some traders for me as the event was coming up:


    And, let the record show, I used them for excellent ends. :D I made great trades with each, so that was perfect!!

    But, what was really special, was Ang knew I was after those Aladdin DEC pins that just dropped. And so he dropped them...into our trade!!


    AAAAHHH! Look at that Cave of Wonders pin!!! And Jafar!! They're both so amazing!! Nevermind that one of them had an ominous "You owe me one ;P" sticky note on it. That was implied. I'll just put one of my tabs on my kidney for you, Ang. Got it covered ;P

    But seriously, you're the best and so amazing to help me get these pins. <3 Thanks so very much, dude!!!

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    Wow! What amazing zaps!
  3. SoraPandora

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    Woohoo! Nice haul. Congratulations, and way to go, zappers!!

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  5. mickeymousje

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    WOW that's a amazing trade but most of all that zap WOW congrats!!
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    Phenomenal trade and zap! Congrats!
  7. theoucharis

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    Wow! What a great trade. And what a great zap! Congrats!

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    Ang is so kind. :)
  9. CCofRR13

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    WOWSERS!!!!! Congrats!
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    Awesome zaps! Congrats!
  12. bcol

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    Wow! Great trade and AWESOME ZAP! Only one kidney?

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    What an excellent trade and such nice zaps!! You deserve them <3

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