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    Hi, All! Well . . . I know I've sort of been MIA for a bit. Actually, December was super crazy with all of Dad's medical tests and then his surgery, etc. Then the holidays (which were super quiet and low-key around here, as we were all super stressed and tired anyway. Then, Mom, Sis, and I just got home Tuesday evening from spending two weeks visiting Gramma. She lives in Melbourne, Florida. We'd bought the tickets months ago on a really good Southwest sale, as we hadn't seen Gramma in almost a year (and she's 82 and we want to be able to visit her when she is still in her house and "with it") . We had planned on taking it easy in December so we'd be rested up for the vacation, but didn't end up doing that.

    We had fun on the vacation, but it wasn't exactly what we had hoped for. Sis and I had never been to FLA in January, so were looking forward to nice weather. Well, the terrible weather front that affect so much of the US hit two days after we got there, and we spent the whole time in the mid-80s. It was hot!The last day was gorgeous ---- high of 63 and sunny! Sadly, we were leaving! :( But, we got to do some pin trading at Disney Springs, and we got to see our Aunt and cousin, too, a couple of the last days. Our cousin just got accepted in the Disney College Program and her first day was while we were down there. She sent us home with some pretty fun souvenirs, too!

    So, that's why we have been a bit absent! Gramma was a bit contrary most of the time and wouldn't let us on the comp, so we didn't even get to post from down there, other than a couple times over the two weeks! Ah, well . . . now we are going to work on updating our pin boards and updating our trader lists! Got a bunch of new HMs and hope to trade for some of the West-Coast HMs that we want! :)

    We did discover something fun while we were down there - - - Baby Yoda! Not seen the show iwht him, but some friends alerted us to his presence and we were on the hunt! They didn't have much as far as items, but Sis and I are going to spend some of our free time and make some Baby Yoda inspired stuff! So CUTE!

    Hope all of you are staying warm! Hope to trade in the future on here, as soon as we sort the pins we brought back! -grin-
    Elizabeth (and @bingandnelsonfan )

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