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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by translation, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. translation

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    My favorite pin series this year has to be the pin cruisers series. It seems like there is only one pin left to be revealed and there are so many great rides they haven't done yet (Pirates, Space Mountain, the magic carpets of Aladdin, King Arthur's Carousel).

    Splash Mountain was supposed to be released in March, but we all know quarantine happened. I can't remember if it was supposed to be at DL or WDW, but when are they going to release this pin? Given that Splash Mountain is closing, I can't help but be scared at its popularity.
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  2. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    There is definitely something odd going on with most of the pins to be released on 19Mar2020. I am collecting the monthly droids and have the exact same question... well minus the demand concern that is. The only one I think was released was Lotso scents. When will the others drop? Could someone who would have coordinated the release have been laid off and no one else is aware these pins are in a no man's land limbo?

    During my dtd trip I actually asked about the droid at pin traders and they had no clue. I think the suggestion was to check out eBay. because she was sure they must have already been released.

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  3. echan50

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    It was a release for DL and I am in agreement with you on the value of this pin given the announcement of the change of Splash Mountain.
  4. echan50

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    The Lotso Scents has been released at DTD when the area first opened.
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  5. Pecosace

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    I'm right there with you @translation , when I saw this pin was announced in the flyer at the beginning of the year it was one of the pins I was most excited for that was shown. I thought it would release on shopDisney, but now it seems it'll be released at DLR and I'll have to get a pickup. But when it will be released is a mystery!

  6. cyke23

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    Are you talking about the Droid Schematic series? We need that C1-10P! And I need that Tie Echelon that was supposed to be released in March too.
  7. wonderbywonder

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    Maybe the splash cruiser will be like the Snow White window of magic, released way after its series
  8. tiffychann

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    I wouldn't be surprised if DLR held off on selling this pin until the park reopens or until DTD can handle larger crowds again. A few months back, Splash Mountain merch flew off the shelves because of the ride closing, and it was getting so out of hand that they had to start pulling back merch, and of course there were pictures of shoppers carrying tens of the same product circulating on the Internet. They're already on a thin tightrope with keeping DTD open and to have another out of hand situation could risk the near COVID future of DTD. I think some of us can recall how bad the Windows of Evil releases were. I wasn't there to witness them in person but I can imagine such a scenario would not fly well among all these new restrictions that keep surprising us.

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