For Sale: Disney Plushies and Other Sorts Need New Homes! :)

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    Hello everyone :)

    I have some plushies that need a new home - I'm having trouble sharing the album of pictures but if there is any interest in any, I'll be happy to post a picture.

    I will start off with just Disney plushes and I'll move to others if there is any interest - most others I have are Beanie Boos, Build a Bear, or Aurora. A lot were bought out of trying to regain collections after the house fire, and now it's just too much to display and/or store.

    All plushies are in good condition - If it comes with a tag, I will specify
    I only will sell Plushes that have not been played with and have stayed away from my pets :) We are also a smoke free home ;)

    Paypal fees are included so pay as goods.

    US Shipping:
    $7 for first plush, $3 for each additional.
    Buy 5 Plushies or more and get free shipping!

    International Shipping:
    Message me with which ones you are interested in and I'll research how much it will be to safely help it travel abroad

    Thanks for looking and hopefully these plushies will find some fun new homes! :D

    Mickey Memories December Plush New with Tag - $40

    Funko 15" Maleficent Dragon Hot Topic Exclusive - $30

    Bambi from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) New with Tag - $30

    Lady from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) No tag - $25

    Bolt from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) No tag - $25

    Dumbo from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) with tag - $30

    Simba from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) with tag - $30

    Tramp from Baby Series Plush (Version 2) no tag - $25

    Pegasus from Baby Series Plush (Version 1) no tag - sold

    Marie Big Feet no tag - unavailable

    Winnie the Pooh Hallmark 50 years plush no tag - $40

    Ufufy Pooh no tag - $7

    Ufufy Dumbo no tag - $7

    Ufufy Mickey no tag - $7

    Tiny Big feet Gray Mickey no tags and tag cut off - $3 (Gift with any purchase!)

    Sequined Mickey Plush no tags - $25

    Mickey Cuddleez Tuxedo Plush (11” medium version) no tag - $35

    Pau Moana Cuddleez Plush no tag (11” medium version) - $45

    Oswald Classic Cozy Knit Plush 11" no tag - $35

    Added 8/19/20

    Tsum Tsum Subscriptions

    And that's all our Disneys for sale! Please let me know if interested! :)
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    Reserved for Pictures :)

    Edit - Yay! I can hyperlink them - if they don't work, let me know :)
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    How big are the Ufufy plushes?

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    they are about 4.5” - not the minis (Which are 2.5”?) but the smalls :)

    I will try to finish linking pictures soon- I thought I had them all on the photo account but I must not have loaded them all on o_O

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