Fairy Tails Event Pin Wishes

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by slbrabham, Apr 14, 2019.

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    I have impatiently been waiting for the event catalog to release. I was very excited when the theme was announced at the Animation Celebration event. I keep thinking about what characters I would love to see on a pin and which characters will probably make an appearance on a pin. I know that I love making guesses, predictions, and wishes about pins (and I think others do, too;)). I though I'd start a thread before the catalog releases to see what great ideas everyone has. (There are many people here who have ideas equally great as the pin design team:rolleyes:.)
  2. slbrabham

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    Characters I think will appear on a pin:
    101 Dalmatians
    Lion King characters

    Characters that I hope may appear on a pin.
    Copper and Todd
    Pua or Hei Hei

    Pin set themes I want to see.

    Villain Tails

    All Aniaml Villains
    Si and Am
    Prince John
    Sher Khan

    All Human Villains who become an animal.
    Jafar as the cobra
    Mim as any animal
    Izma as a cat
    Maleficent as a dragon

    Sidekick Tails
    Hero Tails (animals who rescue other characters)
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  3. summerskin

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    Great thread. I definitely think there will be Aristocats, Lion King, Bambi, and Dumbo. I would love to see some Stitch pins and maybe even a few ocean characters(sharks have "tails"...)
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  4. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    The mystery set has so much potential for this event. Thus hoping for an adorable and fun mystery set to trade for. I am not the most creative (I am pretty analytical), but I would love a characters with tails dressed up in costume mystery set.

    Of the characters I collect the following could appear on a pin:
    1) Mickey (I think at least one Mickey pin is very likely)
    2) Cheshire (maybe a cats pin set?)
    3) Mali as dragon (maybe they will do a dragon pin set)
    4) Moana characters like Pua or Hei Hei (a pig set?)
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  5. Ocean7

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    Hopefully we find out soon. :D

    I’d like to see Zootopia, Rescuers, Lion King, Disney dogs...
    Moana is a recent collection for me so that would be nice :)
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