FAQ: "Why Can't I Post in the Marketplace?"

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    In an effort to safeguard our members and forming a more tightly-knit collector community, We have placed restrictions on new members who wish to post their own sales or trade threads in our Marketplace.

    In order to create a new thread in the marketplace with your items for sale or trade, you must meet the following (simple!) criteria:
    • You must have been a member on DPF for at least 10 days
    • You must have at least 30 posts as a member here on DisneyPinForum.
    That's it! Once these criteria are met, you will have access to post your items or pins for sale/trade in our marketplace.

    As a non-sales-qualified member, however, you will still be able to view and reply to existing members' threads and as a result, you are still able to make purchases and trades. However you will not be able to post your own sales or trade threads until the above criteria are met.

    Once you meet the criteria, however, you may not be able to post in the Marketplace right away. Please be patient. The privilege promotions happen automatically every hour, so you may have to wait until the server updates your permissions.

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