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Discussion in 'Pin Games' started by summerskin, Jul 13, 2019 at 10:18 PM.

  1. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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    As most of you know, I hosted a Christmas game last year. I have begun planning phases for the coming game for this year. I, need some help, from all of the elves here at our wonderful forum. I have a few questions below and if you answer them you get a free entry for a Christmas themed prize.

    1. Would you prefer to see more winners/smaller prizes or fewer winners/bigger prizes?
    2. Should I use a Christmas time theme or a variety of random pins; if you would prefer a variety of pins what character would you like to see?
    3. Should the contest be posted randomly or the sign up time announced ahead of time.

    This contest will stay open 7/20 at 8 PM PST.
    One winner will be chosen from the submitted entries via random drawing.
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  2. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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  3. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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    Saved for randomizer
  4. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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    Question 1
    Smaller Prizes/More Winners 16
    Bigger Prizes/Less Winners 2

    Question 2
    Christmas/Holiday Theme 9
    Variety 9

    Question 3
    Random Posting 6
    Announced Sign Up Openings 12
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  5. KJackson1195

    KJackson1195 Active Member

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    Cool. I'd like to play this year.
    1. Smaller prizes more winners
    2. I'd say stay with Christmas theme
    2. Random

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  6. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    1. Smaller prizes for more winners seem fun, but that’s also prob more shipping costs. Whatever works for you works for us!
    2. Christmas theme is cute!
    3. Selfishly, I’d say sign up ahead cuz I always miss the random ones haha

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  7. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Active Member

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    Honestly, either choice for all the questions would be awesome but I will cast my vote...

    1. Smaller prizes for more winners
    2. I’ll vote for random pins, although Christmas themed pins is quite cute.
    3. Random times
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  8. Imaniceshark

    Imaniceshark Member

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    Smaller prizes
    Christmas theme

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  9. theoucharis

    theoucharis Well-Known Member

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    My $0.02 worth:
    1 - smaller prizes for more winners
    2 - random theme, but whatever works easiest for you
    3 - sign up ahead of time

    Thanks for even offering such a game

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  10. akarih

    akarih Resident Meme Lord

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    Smaller prizes
    Any theme tbh
    Sign up


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  11. DoReMarie

    DoReMarie Member

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    1. Smaller prizes, more winners
    2. I’d prefer random
    3. Sign up ahead of time
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  12. DisneyJ

    DisneyJ RIP Jack

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    First, thank you for offering to do this again!

    No matter the format - the prizes are all very thoughtful and extremely generous.

    1. More winners
    2. A specific theme is fun, but random absolutely works
    3. Random - think of it like a pop up never know when and never know where...
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  13. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    1 - smaller prizes and more winners
    2 - random theme
    3 - sign up ahead of time. I always miss the others
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  14. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora I'm SoraPandora again!

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    I’m going to echo what pretty much everyone else said - Any of these options are fine! This is your game - you do you.

    But since you asked...

    1. More winners, if postage isn’t too much. Maybe the winners could help cover shipping?
    2. Variety, but a holiday theme would be fun, too! I’m a sucker for cute classic animal characters. :)
    3. Ahead of time, so we don’t miss it!

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  15. Purplemandms

    Purplemandms Like the candy!

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    1. Smaller, everyone likes mail!
    2. Variety of pins! Maybe a theme that isn’t as popular, like older movies or side kicks?
    3. Random!

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  16. PinTraderSam

    PinTraderSam Active Member

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    1. Bigger prizes for less because I think it’s more exciting.
    2. Christmas
    3. Announced time.
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  17. coblj003

    coblj003 DPF Charter Member DPF Correspondent

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    1. I like to see see a game with more winners, but possibly one great prize versus smaller prizes...
    2. It's cool to have a specific festive theme, though prizes don't necessarily have to be Xmas...
    3. Please announce ahead of you expecting a big signup...
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  18. stitchismyspiritanimal

    stitchismyspiritanimal Active Member

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    More winners is great.
    Live Christmas any time of the year.
    Prefer to know ahead of time when the contest will start.

    Thanks, Stitch.
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  19. teddy_ruxpin

    teddy_ruxpin Well-Known Member

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    This is really kind of you! Thank you.
    1.More winners and smaller prizes
    2.Anything would be great
    3. Sign up ahead of time please!
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  20. CanaDaLE

    CanaDaLE Well-Known Member

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    1. Bigger Prizes - only because shipping is crazy pricey (at least in Canada for LBE this is usually $4.50 or more each). Not sure how much you pay in the US.
    2. Themes are always cute
    3. Posted Randomly
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  21. Ksnuggles

    Ksnuggles Resident Cake Baker Staff Member DPF Moderator DPF Correspondent

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    OK so here is my input:

    1. More winners... who doesn't like to see as many people win as possible.
    2. I love themes... maybe have them be varying themes (Aka holidays where one gets Christmas, then one gets Halloween), but I am crazy like that.
    3. Specific sign up times announced.
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  22. stratasfan

    stratasfan Member

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    1. More/Smaller
    2. Random variety
    3. Ahead of time!

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  23. MischiefMade

    MischiefMade Ghost Dog Trainer

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    First of all thank you for doing this

    1) I'd say smaller prizes, but what ever is easiest with shipping honestly. I know it can be expensive for shipping, especially over seas/to Canada
    2) I enjoy a random variety, that way you're sure to hit the most people possible
    3) Ahead of time

    Once again thank you for even thinking of this and I'm sure that anything you do will be met with much praise!
  24. Blacksmoke

    Blacksmoke Active Member

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    This sounds like fun. Hope this helps your count.

    Question 1
    Smaller Prizes/More Winners

    Question 2

    Question 3
    Announced Sign Up Openings
  25. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    This is very awesome of you!

    1 - smaller prizes for more winners, though I do also worry about shipping charges adding up.
    2 - A variety. I love animal pins! :)
    3 - ahead of times so international people can also plan to participate, unless random times include mornings and later at night.

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