Frozen II --- Anyone like it? Tons of stuff but seems like no interest?

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by stratasfan, May 29, 2020.

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    So . . . was Frozen II a kind of bomb? Or just short-lived? We haven't seen either movie, but I LOVE the art and illustration and merch of Frozen. Particularly Frozen II! Actually, Frozen II stuff has to win as far as Disney designs and stuff! I am Frozen II (particularly Elsa) nuts! I love the water horse, too!

    However, it seems like there is an absolute ton of items out there, but that nobody is really caring about Frozen II. Even Disney didn't release a lot of pins or items. We went to Disney Springs in January, right after the movie, and were very disappointed. Target got more Frozen II stuff than Disney had! Also . . . a lack of pins, and even lack of mugs! Sis and I sooooooo wanted a pair of Frozen II mugs, and not one at Disney Springs!

    So, was wondering if it kind of bombed?
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    Hmm, I dunno. Personally, I liked Frozen 2 a lot more than Frozen 1, but I wasn’t a big fa of the first movie at all.

    It does seem odd to me that the second movie wasn’t nearly as popular. Maybe people were just tired of Anna and Elsa by the time it came out?

    I’m odd in that I LOVE Kristoff and Sven, but I’m not into the princesses (and Olaf.). If there was some “Lost in the Woods” themed merchandise, I’d totally be interested.

    P.S. The water horse (Nokk?) was indeed awesome. I thought it was a Kelpie the first time I saw it, so I was quite frightened for Elsa.

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  3. akarih

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    Well I enjoyed the second movie and most everything that succeeded about the first movie is replicated in it but it just lacks something for me. I think they made the storyline of the second movie a little too complicated compared to the first one or maybe it's that there's not entirely a big villain like there was in the original. Either way, something felt missing.

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  4. chubs191

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    I think they made a lot of merch, but made none of the right merch. From my point of view they tried too hard to not make spoiler merch that it made their offerings lukewarm. All of the pins were of outifts or situations in the first half of the movie. I was expecting spoiler merch pins after the DVD came out, but it never did. Remember the days when they made DVD release pins?

    The adult offerings were so sparse and sad that I have a single shirt that I didn't bother returning, because it wasn't worth it.

    Fantasy pin people are hitting it out of the park. I don't ever want any Ariel FPs, but Frozen is like all. The. Time. There are so many different outfits the two ladies wear and they're still reduced to two of them.

    Oh man. This has turned into a full on rant. Also, if you're interested in why Frozen 2 is the way it is, you should listen to the making of Frozen 2 podcast or series on Disney+. Apparently, there were only 2 months left before the theatrical release when Show Yourself was complete.

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  5. stratasfan

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    T-Shirts . . . I was disappointed . . . haven't seen one at Wal-Mart or Target, even with all their Frozen II stuff. I really wanted a T-Shirt! And a mug! It is true about the adult items! There aren't any/many.

    I'm not against fantasy pins. Some look really wierd, but some are super nice! Just tend to be super expensive! However . . . I'd really like more Frozen II pins! Got a few of the Loungefly ones, but that's it.

    Interesting about the non-spoiler merch only. Same happened with the Mandalorian! Obviously they haven't hit it right about releasing items to match public response to the films! There is a point of not spoiling and then there is a point of spoiling it because there isn't anything for what you are excited about!

    Well . . . I soooooooo am liking the Frozen II merch that I can find! Just got a poster for over my bed. I'd really like some more stuff . . . just am going to have to keep looking! I really am keen about Elsa (and Elsa and Anna together) in the coat/boots outfit and in the Fall-time forest. And with the water horse. And the cute little fire salamander-thingy. :)
  6. coblj003

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    I drudge it to a tiring of the frozen franchise, the last theatrical “short” was even cut after a lot of backlash. I thought it was a good movie(with flaws) but in no way was it as viral or sensational leading up to it as compared to the first Frozen movie.

    In relation to merchandising, The Disney company has its own projections and sales quota about the movie and were able to plan accordingly for itself. Other big retailers don’t have that same luxury and absolutely went overboard on buying for it based on the proceeds for the first movie and its relation to the winter holidays. I did get a few items for my kids around Christmas and eventually got the Blu-ray on release day. Walmart and Barnes and Noble still had alot of toys/games/kids apparel(not much adult apparel either)around the movies home release as well and it it didn’t help that the pandemic crunched out any post holiday blitz of merchandise.

    One thing of note, more then likely any the character mugs at the big retailers would have been coded for christmas and sold off at heavy discount during the post sale...
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  7. akarih

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    I also find a lot of the merch says "Frozen 2" on it(as it should) and I personally find numbers on merchandise sometimes have a similar effect to the selling popularity of dated pins.

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  8. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    Yeah I haven’t quite liked that a lot of the merchandise says the movie name or says slogans for the movie- I’m more of an artwork from the movie kind of collector.

    As far as the movie I loved it- I felt it was an awesome compliment to the first one. I loved the first one tho The hype over it began to jade me and I began to nitpick it a lot so I had very low expectations for the sequel. The sequel totally made me fall in love with it all over again ;)
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  9. mybabykelly

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    In terms of box office, Frozen II is the highest grossing animated film of all time (when you take out the Lion King remake, since it’s not traditionally “animated”). Right behind Frozen II is Frozen. So I think the interest was there, but I agree in terms of merchandise, the selection was so basic.

    However, I know Bruni was quite popular and his plush was sold out throughout the park when I went last time. I also find it genius that they gave Elsa and Anna a huge makeover for the second movie, with darker eye brows and more mature facial qualities. This allowed the merchandise to look “different enough” than the first movie’s that consumers would be more likely to purchase the new stuff.

    I agree though, the merchandise wasn’t creative enough to really replicate the fan-craze that the original did. And I do think it’s numbers were seriously front-loaded. I remember Frozen really building up hype during the holidays and continuing its popularity into the New Year. However, Frozen II seemed to peak in its first week, with viewers who were curious to see where this movie went, and then it just seemed to lose all sense of hype in the month that followed. This was an interesting read: Build-A-Bear Workshop warns revenue could fall after disappointing 'Frozen 2' sales | Markets Insider

    And maybe I’m reaching here, but I wonder if all the talk about Elsa’s sexuality deterred some buyers from investing any further into the merchandise. I know that was a hot button topic leading up to the movie, maybe some conservative-leaning parents weren’t keen on investing in that possibility? (There has been some anger already from that group about the Pixar short Out).
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  10. akarih

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    That's a very interesting point. Considering there wasn't anything pointing to Elsa having a romantic interest in the movie(besides maybe Honeymaren if you really read into those ten second scenes) and Disney was too chicken to put anything more in it seems unlikely but not impossible.

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  11. speedwaystar1

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    I waited until it was released on dvd so only watched it recently .
    I thought it was pretty decent . Not enough to convince me to start a pin collection but still good ;)
    Regarding the lack of merchandise , I think they did sooooooo much Frozen stuff that they over saturated the market . It's a hard to sell to get parents to buy the "new" Elsa outfit for say $60 when they can buy the "original" one for $20 at Target (no idea of actual costs but you get the idea) and they're not massively different .
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  12. Purplemandms

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    I agree! Disney did a lot with dolls and costumes, and they also started pushing that Merch EARLY. I personally loved the movie, went out of my way to get the popcorn combo just to get the Frozen cup (which now has my paint brushes in it... they gave me a Mary Poppins popcorn bucket though... grrr...).

    Personally, the aesthetics of this movie were just top-notch. The artwork? The visual storytelling? Amazing. But Disney's Cash Cow is always going to be in the first Frozen movie. So the Merch is probably going to reflect that.
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  13. TangledUpInIce

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    I like both movies. I agree there was more merchandise for the first movie.

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