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    Let's share your funny or ironic things that has happened in the parks.

    I'll start. We were at Epcot this past week and the weather report kept saying 90% rain but since it was my brother's only day off we decided to tough it out with unbrellas.
    So my best one was a wooden one with the Gryffindor stripe on it, we got it at Universal this summer. Well I felt a bit a weird about using it at Disney since it's cross branding but I shrugged it off.
    Well the weather reports were wrong and we saw less then a small sprinkle so we kept it on my dad's electric scooter for most of the day.
    Well walking through the main Japan shop we suddenly heard a crack of wood, it had fell off the side of the scooter and got hung up on a display when my dad went through, snapping it.
    My brother joked, that's what you get for crossbranding at Disney.
    It became a running gag the entire day evolving into my brother's bad imitation of "No cross branding, folks" and the like.
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