Gonna be in Paris! September 10th and 11th, 2018

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by timeerkat, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Whooo! I booked my plane tickets this morning, so it's officially official!

    Next year most of my siblings and I are going on a Norwegian cruise (September 1st through 9th). Some of them are going early to do London for a few days, but I've already been to London. However, I have yet to visit France, specifically Paris and a certain nearby theme park. So, rather than go a few days early, I'm going to stay a few extra days and do DLP!

    My current schedule is that the cruise arrives back in London the morning of September 9th. I'll hop onto the Eurostar and take it to Paris. I'll have whatever's left of that day to relax, either at my hotel or the immediate vicinity. I'll have two full days (Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th) in Paris - either both days at Disneyland or one day at Disneyland and one day to explore the city of Paris. On Wednesday morning I'll get back on the Eurostar to London to catch my afternoon flight back home.

    Since it's almost a year away I have plenty of time to plan, but I have a ton of questions for those in the know!

    Can you actually do both parks of DLP in one day, especially considering it's a weekday? Or would it be better to plan two? Is it feasible to do a day and a half in the parks and then half a day in the city? I don't have a huge bucket list of things to do in the city, but I would like to be able to say I at least did something besides Disney while I was in France as I don't know when I'll be able to get back.

    Most of my time at the parks would be spent riding attractions and seeing shows. I don't need to do lots of character meet and greets, unless it's a rare character that we don't have back home. I also don't need to spend a lot of time dining - in fact, when I'm on vacation, I tend to eat less often since there's so much other stuff to do! So I'll probably do breakfast and then one meal sometime during the day. Any parks restaurant suggestions with good vegetarian food?

    I will be bringing my small pin bag for cast member pin trading. But I won't be otherwise focused on pin trading since I'd rather spend most of my time on my first visit enjoying the park itself. (And I don't want to have to worry about hauling all of my pins with me on the plane, the cruise ship, the train, etc.) However, if a DPF member is free to meet up while I'm there, I'd be open to setting up a pre-trade. :)

    Is it worth it to stay in the official Disney hotels, or is it better to stay in a nearby non-Disney hotel? I know at WDW it's much better to stay onsite, but at DLR the non-Disney hotels across the street are much cheaper and closer than the actual Disney hotels. I'm not sure how DLP is set up versus the states (distance/transportation from resort hotels to the parks versus nearby non-Disney hotels, cost of each, perks of staying onsite, etc.) I don't plan on using the hotel room or staying on resort grounds for much more than a place to crash at night, shower, and keep my luggage, so I don't need anything fancy.

    I'm a bit sad that the timing probably won't work out to be able to attend one of the pin trading nights, mostly since it would be a great opportunity to get some LE Paris traders! :)
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    We stayed at the hotel Chanyenne on property at DLP and walked to and from the park, it was quicker than waiting for the bus. Food wise, I think Epcot has Disney Paris beat. :/. Our first day there we wound up at McDonalds! Sigh.

    I do think you could do both parks in one day if you have park hopper, but it’ll be rushed. WDS closes super early, I think at 5 or 6pm one day we were there, so back to DLP we went. Downtown Disney is tiny, and not much there to be honest (aside from Maccas). Two days would be best, but then you’d sacrifice getting into Paris proper. But, one rushed day in Paris wasn’t enough for Richard and I, so we hope to go back. And back to DLP.

    Make sure you ride the Rattitouile ride! It’s so cute! And Aurora’s Castle is amazing! I’m not going to say why, since I don’t know if you know already but I didn’t so it was that moment of “OMG NEW!!!11!!” Disney Magic for me. Yes. I’m geeking.

    Do you do rollercoasters? Space Mountain is different there.
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    I've only been to DLP once, so I'm no expert, but I thought 1 day was plenty for both parks if you plan to focus on the attractions that are different in some way from the U.S. parks.
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    Thanks for the info!

    I'm super excited for the Ratatouille ride! I do generally like roller coasters (California Screamin' is one of my favorite attractions at DLR). I do NOT like straight drop rides (which is why you can't pay me to go on Tower of Terror). I love DLR's Space Mountain and don't like WDW's Space Mountain.
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    Congrats Tessa! Disney Paris is on my bucket list, hopefully 2019!
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    Ooh sounds fun!! Please report back.. next year haha
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    Whilst you could do both parks in one day it would be a push .
    Personally I'd suggest 2 and skip Paris , I've been and was a bit underwhelmed .
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    Oh whooo, so exciting! I've heard that Norwegian cruise is BEAUTIFUL, so you're in for a treat! I'd love to do that one too one day. Already looking forward to your trip report :)

    Both in one day might be a bit of a push as others said, but since they are weekdays you might be able to pull it off if you have a very clear schedule of what you want to do and don't mind missing some attractions. That way you can also visit Paris for one day and do some of the main sights there. Here's a scenario that might work, but if you want to just enjoy the parks and not rush, I'd just pick a few top attractions you 100% want to do, do those first, and not worry if you can't do any of the others:
    -Get in line before the Studios park opens. Immediately head to Ratatouille and get a fast pass. After that, return to Crush's Coaster to start lining up. Hopefully you should be able to wait for Crush's Coaster and still be on time for your Ratatouille fast pass. Crush's Coaster can get VERY long lines, so another option might be to line up there first (I think guests even run there when the park opens to have less waiting time) and then consider doing the single rider lane for Ratatouille if the regular waiting line is long.
    -Then I'd make a list of 2 or 3 other attractions you'd like to do at Studios and do those, before going to the Disneyland park.
    -At Disneyland, head straight to Big Thunder Mountain to check if there are still fast passes left. After that I'd check the app for waiting lines with other attractions and go from there.
    -Don't miss the parade! Check the folder for timings, but usually the parade starts at 5PM. On Tuesdays they should have one rare character/character duo in the parade, so that's quite a treat.
    -After the parade, at 6PM, go to the Harrington's shop in Main street. They get out the pin trading board with both LE and OE pins, and you can trade as many pins as you like. They will check the pins though, so you have to trade HM for HM, OE for OE, Cast Lanyard for Cast Lanyard and LE for LE.
    -After this, you can do some more attractions and get a bite to eat. In the evening you'll have the closing show right before the park closes, which is also a must-do.

    I'd try one of the buffets to have the most veggie options. Agrabah Cafe is really nice, but it isn't always open. If you don't mind spending more on your dinner, I'd suggest doing the buffet at Inventions in Disneyland Hotel. It is a character meet & greet style buffet with a lot of food choice, and all the characters take their time to get to each table and interact with guests. You can request a table that has views on the fireworks at night even, but I guess you might want to actually be in the park for the closing show :) I believe you should be able to find some blog posts or videos with pictures of the buffet. I heard the restaurant at the Pirates attractions is also great, it's also a very fun themed experience, but I am not sure if they have lots of veggie options. I'd so some googling to be sure.

    You probably won't find other traders with books in the park on Mon/Tues, so that's definitely the right choice. Perhaps you could do some pre-trades with DLP pass holders on Instagram though? You'll be able to do some CM trading, hopefully you'll find some newly refreshed lanyards! I haven't done this myself, but I read somewhere that you can always ask about the newest Cast Lanyard Refresh pin, if you haven't found it yet.

    There really is added magic when staying at a Disney hotel in my opinion.. So I'd always choose that option if you go for the first time. Cheyenne has recently been completely refurbished, is about 15/20 minutes walking distance from the hotel (it's a nice walk too) and has really nice rooms! There's also a pub on site, which is great to have a nightcap after a fun day at the parks :) They now also have a Starbucks for a quick breakfast. Also, keep in mind that you have "extra magic hours" when staying at a Disney hotel, which usually means you can get in the Disneyland park 2 hours earlier than other guests (8AM instead of 10AM). They don't have all attractions open then, but a good few. I once came out of Space Mountain at 8.20AM, that was quite a wake-up experience ;)

    Have fun planning!! If you have more questions in the meantime, you can always drop me a DM :)
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    I have never been to DLP so I have nothing to add there, but what sights do you want to see in Paris? There is so much. The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame, so much stuff!
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    Oh wow, loads of great information! I really appreciate everyone giving their input.

    I had looked into the character dining, but wasn't sure if I wanted that extra expense for characters that are largely at my home park, and taking the extra time versus a quick service meal. But after watching a few youtube videos, it looks like Scrooge is one of the characters (I think at Plaza Gardens?), so that would be a plus! Knowing that there are more veggie options is a good thing, too.

    Holy moley, an unlimited trade board? :O I'll have to be sure to pack a variety of pins, then! I'm hoping I luck out with lanyard refresh pins. :)

    And an update! After comparing notes with my siblings over what we all are doing before and after the cruise, my younger sister has decided to join me in Paris! :) And my brother and his girlfriend are maybes. So we'll have to get together and decide if we want to spend a day in the city or just focus on Disneyland both days. If we can get into France early enough in the day on Sunday, maybe we'll do one or two attractions in the city that afternoon/evening instead of taking a whole day.

    I'm now leaning heavily towards getting a Disney hotel, if only for those Magic Hours (especially if we decide to do just one day at the parks). Now that I'm not going alone, I'll have someone to share the expense with.

    The Eiffel Tower actually isn't a big draw for me (it would be cool to see it but I don't feel the need to go out of my way to do so). I would love to visit Notre Dame and spend a bit of time in one of the museums (Louvre, d'Orsay,etc.), but I'd probably be just as happy walking along the Seine and taking in the sights and just being in Paris. I'll have to talk with my sister and get her thoughts.
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    Hello ! ^^ being French I hope I'll be able to give you some advice for your stay in Paris :)

    Like some members already told you, it seems a little complicated to do both parks in one day, except if you go when there is almost nobody and that there's no wait for the rides. Though the parks are much smaller than in the US considering what I've been told, I'm sure you'd rather take some time for the rides but also to explore and walk around :)
    I personnaly prefer the main park, as I don't really enjoy fast rides and as what I especially love is being in the Disney magical atmosphere, and being amazed by everything I see ^^ The second park is smaller and a bit less "magical" according to me, though the Ratatouille ride is really cool ;)

    Unfortunately I can't help you with the hotels, I've only been once when I was something like 4 so I remember I loved it, but I can't tell you someting very objective about them :p

    About the restaurants, I'm sure you'll find something vegetarian easily. If you really want to be sure, I've been several times to the Plaza Gardens, which is a buffet, so you get to fill your plate yourself with what you like :) I don't know what you love eating but if you have any doubts a buffet could be a great solution :)

    On the other hand, I feel like it would be a pity if you didn't take some time to visit Paris, especially if you don't plan to go there again soon :)
    Like starry_solo told you, there are so many things to see ! It depends on what you want to do during your stay ;)

    If the main reason you decided to come to France is for the Disney parks, then take your time to truly enjoy them :)
  13. timeerkat

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    Thanks for the advice! :)

    My sister and I talked, and we decided that there is enough in the city that we each want to do that we are going to do one day there and one day at the parks, and when in the parks focus mainly on attractions that are either exclusive to DLP (Ratatouille) or significantly different than DLR (like Space Mountain and Phantom Manor). If we can fit in other stuff, great!

    For food - I love carbs! Pasta, bread, waffles, etc. :D But I'm down to try almost anything as long as it's not meat or spicy.
  14. isida2009

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    Ok great choice ! ^^ I hope you'll post pictures here and tell us what you saw :D
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    I Can recomend the dream castle hôtel which is a vert Nice hôtel which is a short bus ride around 10mins and You get free buffet breakfast also and ive stayed at kiard hôtel also which is a few doors up from the other hôtel and You do get breakfast There also and There good neighbour hôtels so they bothe have a dlp shop in them and ive also stayed at the dlp santa fe hôtel which was ok but You get to the Park quicker with the other 2 hôtels as its a bit of a walk to Park from the santa fe hôtel. Its easy to get to the dream castle and kiard hôtel when You get out of train station turn left and the buses are There to catch to the hôtel i would say You Can do bothe parks in one Day as Theres only a few rides Thats good at the Disney studios Park they are tower terror crushes coaster and areo Smith ride and the ratatouie ride which is a must do ride and a couple of toy story land rides but are mianly for children That could easily ne missed and the backlot tour which is simular to the Hollywood studios one but is very dated :( at Disneyland Park Theres phantom manor thunder mountain its a small world pirates of carribean space mountain star tours and the parades hope This helps
  16. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    I have been to Paris (spent 5 days mostly exploring and wandering the city.) Didn't spend a single day at DLP, so have no feedback there, but as a tourist from US, I would have made the same decision about at least one day in Paris (so kudos to you and your siblings). I adored the atmosphere in Paris. There were lines for everything, so didn't go into anything significant (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Norte Dame, etc.) Took a boat down the Seine. Went out to Sacré-Coeur. Found amazing chocolate and ate amazing food. Someone said you could make reservations for the Eiffel Tower... I hope in October it would not be so crowded for you (we went between Christmas and New Year and it was crazy busy). The magic/atmosphere was the same during our families' 10 days in London (just this year). I think both cities are so different from cities in the US. Walking history is amazing. I would love to spend another 5-10 days in both cities. Have fun!
  17. timeerkat

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    Holy cow, just a bit over a month away!

    We have mostly solid plans now. We are actually flying into Paris from Southampton once the cruise gets in, then make our way to our hotel. We got a pretty decent rate on a hotel just a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower, which is the one thing my sister was DYING to do in Paris. So we'll be able to see it at night lit up and also during the daytime. We will either take it easy at our hotel or explore the immediate area, depending on what time we actually get in and settled. The next day we'll wake up, start at the Eiffel Tower, and then slowly walk our way down the Seine a few miles, stopping in to whatever looks interesting to us. We're using the City day as out laid back, mostly no concrete plans day.

    That afternoon, we'll head over to Disney. We wound up booking the Santa Fe, since we found a deal on Expedia (and that way we'll be close to the parks and get the Magic Hour to increase what we're able to do with our one parks day). We'll check in and then do whatever. Probably explore the resort, check out whatever is in Downtown Disney, and crash early. The next day will be the parks from Magic Hour start to parks close. We're staying at Santa Fe that evening too, and then catch the earliest Magic Shuttle in the morning to head to Charles De Gaulle to fly back to London, where we'll catch our flight back home in the afternoon.

    We have everything situated and booked and paid for except for our transport from CDG to Paris and our transport from Paris to Disney.

    For restaurants, I think we'll play it by ear when we're in the parks, though I am hoping to convince my sister to grab one meal at Hakuna Matata! I can't believe it took me this long to realize that the Hakuna Matata restaurant was in DLRP. I'm sure she'll be amenable to at least stop in and grab a snack if not for the full meal. (I checked online and they are one of the restaurants listed with vegetarian options; it seems as if all I have to do is ask to speak to the manager when I get there, no advance notice needed.)
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    I look forward to any tips that you find along the way! We're heading out to DLP for a week in mid-October.

    Have a fantastic time!

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    Wish I could be there to meet you :( Have lots of fun!!
  20. arielsdinglehopper

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    OH MY GOSH I'm there on the 10th too!!
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    Oh wow, awesome! In the city or in the Disney parks?
  22. arielsdinglehopper

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    In the parks! There's an AP night that I'm over for so I'll be there 6-10th :D
  23. timeerkat

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    Aw, man! We're only in the parks on the 11th. Have fun warming them up for us! ;)
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