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    With some members maybe not being familiar with a new forum interface, this guide serves as (heh), to get you up and running with your signature.

    1. To access and edit your signature, you'll first click on your settings at the top right of the forum page (provided you have already logged in). The Settings panel is where you can adjust everything from your profile picture to your avatar, Pinpics ID and user title.


    From here, on the left you will click, under "My Settings" > "Edit Signature"


    • If you already have a signature image you'd like to add that is hosted or uploaded elsewhere, you can add it either using the [​IMG] codes in the signature editor box...
    • or by using Option 1, you can reference an image from another website using the url to the image (your facebook page, photobucket, flickr, etc. ), then clicking "upload" at the bottom.
    • or by using Option 2, you can upload your own image from your computer by clicking "browse...", browsing to the photo on your computer, then clicking "upload" at the bottom.

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