Hanging My Whole Collection On My Wall

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by SacredHeartSilverback, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. SacredHeartSilverback

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    Hey everyone

    I’ve wanted to do this for a year since I started this lovely hobby

    Well, the time has finally arrived

    Hanging my entire Disney Pin Collection on the wall

    I have one more pin frame to hang so shall update this in the next week or so

    If you’d like to see the each individual collection closer, please check out my other threads in this Showroom part of the forum

    Happy Collecting!

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  2. FoolishMortal71

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    Very cool idea! I've thought about trying something similar. Already have my Ursula collection framed and have started working on a couple of others.
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  3. SacredHeartSilverback

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    I'd definitely recommend it.

    My Pin Collection makes even more sense to me now haha.

    It's gone from frames awkwardly propped up on shelves where they were pretty hard to see to now being the total focal point of my room. They've not become decorations!

    The only downside I've found is that there is probably room for a good 16-20 frames on my wall...

    As if the hobby wasn't addictive enough without that temptation... :mickey:
  4. SnoozyBluez

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    I put up 5 large cork boards last weekend of my collection. Nice to have them finally displayed. Now I want more and more pins! Yikes.
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  5. SacredHeartSilverback

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    I sure know the feeling...

    My wall has grown to 8 frames hung up now.

    I'm stopping there for now. Shall fill them first. haha
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