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    Hello! I joined Tuesday but didn't feel like writing out a post on my phone, so just been lurking.

    I started collecting Disney pins during a family trip to WDW in 2005. Besides a few pins a friend picked up for me when she went to WDW a few years ago, I haven't added to the collection until I started getting back into it this past year. I collect pins in general as well.

    I've bought some more pins, but on Ebay (before I knew the extent of the scrappers/counterfeit problems) so you might be seeing a post from me asking if some pins are legit or not... it's a bit confusing because comparing to my known legit pins (at least two I have with the new waffle backs I know are real), one of them has problems that would point to counterfeit despite knowing for sure it was from WDW, haha.

    Right now I don't have a focused collection, I just collect things I find neat. From movies I like or similar.
    Here's the collection I have so far, since I can't post links yet I just have a PinPics reference:
    • PIN 140016 - Enchanted Emblems - Atlantis (Got from ebay but pretty sure it's legit)
    • PIN 135725 -WDW – FairyTails 2019 Event (Ebay... probably fake since seller has a few of them despite being LE)
    • PIN 133170 -DLP - Bambi with a flower (Ebay... might be fake?)
    • PIN 132405 -DLP - Lilo and Stitch Reading (Ebay... might be fake?)
    • PIN 124790 -Stitch as Elvis - Artist Proof (Real, from Disney)
    • PIN 120245 -DLP - Cast Lanyard - Wall-E (Ebay... might be fake?)
    • PIN 75894 -Tinker Bell Posing with Wand (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 72344 -WDW - Cute Characters - Figment in Sweater (Real, from Disney)
    • PIN 40229 - Disney's Magical Express Bus - Disney Cruise Line (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 39916 --WDW - 2005 Cinderella Castle Collection (Tinker Bell) (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 37198 -WDW - Sorcerer Mickey with Castle 2005 (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 31898 - WDW - Travel Company 2004 Mickey Leaning Against a Red (Got from ebay but pretty sure it's legit)
    • PIN 31895 -- WDW - Travel Company 2004 (Mickey & Minnie in Car) (Got from ebay but pretty sure it's legit.
      • This one has a little story, I traded my little mermaid pin for this back in 2005 but I learned my very common pin collector first mistake: I put it on a bag and it fell off, and I didn't notice. I've mourned it's loss since, so I looked for it on ebay. Found this and the one above that came on a lanyard with a card and everything for the release hence why I'm sure it's legit.
    • PIN 23879 -- Finding Nemo (Nemo) (Real, from Disney)
    • PIN 13574 -- Toy Story - Slinky (Spring) (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 12979 -- Pinocchio (Hands Spread Out) (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 3366 -- WDW - Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (Dangler) (Real, one of the 2005 trip ones)
    • PIN 138682 -- DLP - Pua among flowers (Ebay... might be fake?)

    I might start collecting some Little Mermaid pins since, despite still having not seen the movie (I know the plot, have seen parts) because my name is Arielle and I have red hair and blue eyes.
    To say I got a lot of people thinking I was named after her as a kid... But I've embraced it despite being nonbinary haha.
    I bought another pin off ebay (I know I know...) of her and the castle that came out recently. I hope it's real... I have my eye on another listing that seems to be legit. Not really sure how else to get it since I'm a more casual collector, not sure I really want to trade or I have anything worthwhile to trade at the moment. I don't live anywhere close to Disneyland or WDW and not sure I want to try to check Disney store all the time but we'll see!

    Anyway, thanks for reading through all of this if you have! I'm working on uploading an avatar but this site keeps giving me errors despite it being well under 50KB....
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    Welcome to the Forum! :lgm:

    The avatar loading functionality is not working at the moment unfortunately, so don't spend too much effort on trying to post yours. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
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    Ah thank you for the info! I was looking on the forum to see if there was anything about this, and didn't see anything so I thought it was just me.
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    Ah thanks! I looked in the "Help Desk", didn't think to check "Anything Goes". Hopefully it gets fixed soon! I feel weird having the default avatar.
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    Hi there and welcome! Looks like you have a fun variety in your collection. Look forward to seeing some photos whenever you get there.
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    Thank you! Will probably take pics soon, the last pin I got on ebay is arriving Monday and I might make the post then.
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    Hello! I have to ask, do you jump rope?

    I love my Crossrope

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    Hahaha, I don't have a jumprope right now but I do like doing it.

    The username comes from when I was little, I would wear a bandana around my face and carry a jumprope to be a crime fighting hero. My parents called me "crouching redhead, hidden jumprope" after a movie that came out semi-recently at the time they liked, Crouching tiger hidden dragon.
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    Hi there! Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks! Man I really need to watch the Little mermaid lol
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    Hi and welcome! We're glad you decided to stop lurking and start posting! :)

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them; I'm sure that someone (or several someones) will be more than happy to answer them for you.
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    Thank you!
    Thank you! I am too.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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