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    I want to START collecting --- my kids have lanyards with pins from when we went to Disney World in 2004 and 2013 (I haven't dug them out to see what they have, we didn't know what we were doing then just knew that cast members did trades---poking around this forum I'm afraid they probably have lots of fakes :( )
    Cheshire, Stitch, Wall-E, and Maleficent some of my fave characters and would love to start collecting those....
    *I have no idea how to get started ---I'm afraid of fakes now --so like Ebay and Amazon--how do you know if real/fake? Ones from Hot Topic are those good?
    *I see numbers by some that members are looking for -- is there a book or website that has them all numbered?
    *Is there a post explaining the lingo? I see like LE and some other abbreviations I don't know what they mean..?

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. akarih

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    Welcome! Hot Topic pins are real and tradeable, the website we use is Pinpics though it's very old and faulty but a lot of pins are on there numbered. Here's a few lingo translations

    LE - Limited Edition
    LR - Limited Release( only released for a small period)
    OE - Open Edition( lots and lots manufactured, usually available for many years)
    DSSH/DSF - Disney Studio Store Hollywood/ Disney Soda Fountain(a store next to El Capitan in LA that sells pins, ice cream, and other merchandise)
    PTD - Pin Trader's Delight(limited edition pins of characters with ice cream sundaes released at DSF, released in sets of 3 but sold indidually. Usually the new set becomes available within a couple days of the last set selling out)
    Scrapper - Fake pins
    WDW - Disney World
    DLR - Disneyland
    DLP - Disneyland Paris
    HKDL - Hong Kong Disneyland
    DS - Disney Store( they release pins occasionally but not often)

    Most if not all pin lots on Amazon and Ebay are fakes so avoid large lots for cheap. There are some sellers on Ebay that sell mostly fakes we can't mention publicly because of forum rules but they can be messaged privately to you. There are a lot of telltale signs of fakes, I think there's a thread somewhere around explaining them? And just as a general rule, 90 percent of pins you see on lanyards and boards in the parks aee fake because people have bought fakes and traded them for the real pins other people and Disney put on there.

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  3. MischiefMade

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    Welcome to the Forum, and if you do start.....the long and dark rabbit hole called collecting! You've picked a great community to start out in. Don't be too afraid of fakes/scrappers. Once you know what to look for they'll be easier to spot (though I have to admit that I've still picked up fakes/scrappers and I do have some in my collection that I think are pretty!). PinPics is a good resource for information, but you can try Pin Trading DB as well! They have a lot of pins and continue to update. Don't hesitate to ask any questions at all, you'll find plenty of friendly and helpful members here to answer!
  4. Cbrooke

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    Thank you so much! Very helpful!
  5. CCofRR13

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    Hi and Welcome! Cheshire & Stitch fan here!

    You already got some very good advice on fakes/scrappers. The only thing I will add is if it seems like it is too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. swscref

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    Just for clarification.

    Counterfeit = Unauthorized copies/fake pins
    Scrapper = Authentic poor quality production runs that should have been scrapped/destroyed, but somehow make it out the factory door into the public.
  7. akarih

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    They are used pretty interchangeably though so be aware @OP

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  8. dancecats

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    Since I see many of your questions already have been answered, I'm just going to say welcome from one Cheshire collector to another.
  9. starry_solo

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    People here on DPF sell authentic traders for cheap. Also, on Facebook, Kilian Diep sells them for cheap too. He is on DPF as @KILJOY667 but I don't think he's logged in here in a while. I'll remind him too.
  10. Cbrooke

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    Hi everyone --- yes I was looking on here pins for sale -- excited. Went to bed last night thinking of pins...lol
  11. Ajk

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    Welcome! :lgm:
  12. megw717

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    Pinpics is where you can find all the numbers! You might have issues signing up. And logging in. But the good thing is you CAN look up pins and users without logging in. If you see a pin with the number, you can just type that number in an pull up the pin.

    Like most of the time.....

    Again, Pinpics has ~issues. I just tried 3 different web browsers on 3 different devices and couldn't log in!

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, and welcome to trading!
  13. fredriclynnea

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    Oh my gosh I was so terrified of fakes for the longest time but DPF helped me become a better spotter.
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  14. Shelterkat

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    A few people on here are selling great pins right now. Take a look :)

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