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    I'm Elvria "Dark Rose" Twila Genie (this is actually my Aladdin OC's name but I prefer to be called this). I am a huge fan of Aladdin and I try to collect as many pins as I can, both official and fantasy. I mostly have Genie ones. I also try my hardest to get rare pins, but unfortunately I can never afford them (people are probably going to hate me for this). Also I will not trade any of my pins (unless I have extra, which I do but I can't give out my address), I'm sorry but they are only for my Aladdin collection. I'm hoping to find some friends here and maybe other Aladdin fans/collectors!
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    Hi and Welcome!
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    Welcome to the Forum! :lgm:You'll definitely find other Genie/Aladdin collectors here.
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    Hello and welcome! The Aladdin move is one of my favorites and I always had fond memories of watching the sequel of Return of Jafar on VHS! Good times!
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    Hi and Welcome! You most definitely should find both Aladdin fans as well as friends here. We're very glad you've decided to join our community.
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    :lgm:Welcome to the DPF Community.

    Wishing you Many trades and new friendships :tigger:
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
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