HKDL Seven Dwarfs - PP#134252-58 - Anyone have these and can share pics?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by stratasfan, Apr 17, 2020.

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    PinPics numbers 134252-58 . . . a set of HKDL Dwarfs that are full-body versions of the absolutely wonderful recent HMs. Anyone have these pins and can share pictures? I am really thinking that I would SOOOOOOO love to get them! Just wondering what they look like in real life and size, etc. :)
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    I don't have these pins but I know they're somewhat larger than normal pins. They come on a brown back card that is probably about a 4 inch-ish square.

    These pins are from a mall pop-up store and are not sold in the parks. This makes them a bit hard to find since traders usually just pay attention to park pins. In the off chance that you do find someone selling a set of these, they should probably go for around 10 USD to 20 USD per pin and can be thought of as LR because the pop-up stores are only around for a couple months or so.

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