How do you decorate your pin book, case, bag, or knapsack?

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by TonkaToy, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. TonkaToy

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    Let's show off our pin book covers, bags, backpacks or cases!
    I have a pink PinFolioShow. I display pin back buttons on it.

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  2. Connies_Hobby

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    Great idea. Never Thought about using buttons.

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  3. Peterjordan

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    Really great idea! I have never seen the Celebrating Canad'a 150th very cool!
  4. TonkaToy

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    They gave it away at the Canada pavilion to Canadians who visited that year (2017). They wrote your hometown on the pin for you. I am originally from Halifax
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  5. cyke23

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    That is probably my favorite button. I went to eat at Le Cellier Steakhouse (which is very good), and they gave out those buttons. It was so unique, and there were 3 of us; I made the other 2 say yes to the buttons. I got rid of most of my Disney buttons during my recent move, but of the several I kept, I have 2 of these!
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