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    I could have sworn this was done already by someone else, But I could not find it in the other sub forums.... So here we go.

    Adding a picture to your post. To do this on DPF you currently need to have the picture online someplacce. You cannot post a file direct from your computer. So you can use places like Smugmug, photobucket, [pinpics or even facebook. We will use pinpics today as an example since it is the most likely place to go for our purposes.

    Using Internet explorer:
    1. open a second window, so that you have one window on your post (reply or thread starter) and one on Pinpics.
    2. Find the picture you are going to use. For large pictures, open up the main pinpics page, for the small thumbnail pictures, keep it on the search results page.
    3. Right click the picture.
    4. On IE it opens a drop down menu with options, scroll to "properties" at the bottom, and click it.
    5. A new box opens, with some random info. You want the Address (URL) Copy the URL address.
    6. Go to your post page and look at the tool bar for your post. There are 2 little globes, a box and a film strip. Click the box. ((the globes are for adding or removing links, the box if for images and the film strip is for video's FYI.))
    7. A box will open, paste the url address in the blank spot provided and click enter/submit.
    8. Tada! your picture should appear.

    To make the photo a link: ((you can also do words as links folks))
    1. Go back to the pinpics page and copy the web address at the top.
    2. Go to your post and highlight the pictures or words you wish to turn into a link.
    3. click on the globe mentioned above. This is the one with the symbol thing on it. It says "link" when you roll your mouse over it.
    4. paste the web address and click enter/submit.
    5. Tada! now your photo or words have a link!

    Note: until the post is complete, and submitted, you cannot click the link you just created. I always check to make sure everything si working properly when I create a link by "previewing post" before submitting.

    Can someone please explain via reply the process for these things on Chrome, and other devices like IPad and such? I will add them to this OP.

    Thanks folks! I hope this helps everyone out!
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    For Google Chrome it's the same steps as Internet Explorer.

    Also as another suggestion for sites to post your picture on to generate an image URL - Tiny Pic is a good one as you don't need to register for an account there.
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    Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to try it. It's so helpful
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    Hey Mods! can we move this to the guides forum?

    Thank you!
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    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    resurrecting another thread. :)
  6. Psycho Pixie

    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    had several people ask about this recently. bumping it back to the front.
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    Thank you for this guide. I always wondered how to make an image into a link.
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    On my mac I can copy and paste directly from pinpics and it will carry over with the link. I used to be able to on my work pc but I can't any longer.
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    Great info!!!
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    bumped back to the known universe.

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