How to submit a pin to PinPics?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by DiamondDollJeanette, Oct 11, 2019 at 6:01 AM.

  1. DiamondDollJeanette

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    I have been finding that often it takes a while for people to submit newer pins on Pin Pics so I would love to learn how to. I've tried to figure it out but it seems complicated, so I was wondering if someone here could break down the process or know of a guide how to do it?
  2. khossler

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    Don’t!!! I don’t think it’s that people aren’t submitting them I think sometimes it takes them a while to post them maybe. I’ve tried to add new pins. Not a fun experience with the website people. If you don’t know alllll the info about a pin it won’t get approved.
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  3. bookhugger

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    They have directions on their website
  4. DiamondDollJeanette

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    I have tried to follow it but it's hard to understand.
  5. rik1138

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    What exactly don't you understand? I just tried to add one, and it was really simple... It's waiting to be approved, so we'll see how long that takes (the new Coco marquee if anyone wants to time it... :) )

    But the process was easy. One thing they like is a good description of the pin, don't just say 'the marquee released for Coco', you have to DESCRIBE it... I'm not sure if that will prevent a pin from being added though

    The only question I had was what to put in the box next to the 'Retired/Sold out' check box. I put the date, and it said there was error, so I wrote 'Sold out' and it said there was an error... So I just left it blank. Not sure what you are supposed to write in that one, but it accepted it blank.
  6. DiamondDollJeanette

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    I think the info part is what I'm unsure about is info like that. I can try it again.
  7. starry_solo

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    Just look at similar PP listings and work from there

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