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    Hello friends! I finally decided to check out this forum! My name is Randy, I'm twenty-four, and I've been collecting for seventeen years. Sometimes I feel like I spend way too much money and time on a functionally useless collection, but oh well. Thus is pin collecting!

    I'm originally an west coaster, but currently live near WDW and try to make it to the parks on a weekly basis. My favourite parks are Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

    I collect a little bit of everything, but my main collections are Oswald, the Enchanted Tiki Room, Disney ducks, and Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have wayyyy too many side collections.

    A very brief introduction, but I wanted to say hi!
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  2. OpieDoodle

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    Hello there!!
  3. slbrabham

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    Hi and welcome!
  4. Ajk

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    Welcome to the Forum! :lgm:
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    Welcome to DPF!
  6. Shelterkat

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    Hi and Welcome!
  8. MischiefMade

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    Welcome to the Forum!
  9. Randakinskywalker

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    Hello everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome!
  10. coblj003

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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  11. Didinous

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    Welcome to DPF Randy :)

    I'm Anthony, from France and i'm a Disneypin collector (whit my wife Jennifer), if you want pin from DisneyLand Paris, you can send me a mp.
  12. dancecats

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    Welome Randy!
  13. Randakinskywalker

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    Thank you everyone! I might take you up on that once I get budget rearranged Anthony!
  14. carinasthingamabobs

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    Hi Randy!

    I’m new to this pin forum too and I also live near WDW. And wow, 17 years of pin trading?! That’s amazing! You probably have a great collection. I’ve noticed that most pin trading activity is in California so it’s refreshing to see a fellow pin trader from Florida!

    Feel free to pm me if you’d like to trade!

    Happy trading!

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  15. Randakinskywalker

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    Hello Carina! There were a few years where I wasn't heavily into collecting so it's not terribly impressive but thank you! I get where you're coming from. Disney had heavily discouraged guest-to-guest trading the past few years and as a result it's hard to find locals. I'd be up for trading! Are you an AP? Because I'm looking to trade for a pickup (the Illuminations AP) and would love to work something out!
  16. daniegurl88

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    Hello Randy! I'm new here as well, welcome! :)

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