Is this a scrapper or just QC problem?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by lordsketch, Feb 1, 2020.

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    Hey all!
    I got this Reveal/Conceal Crooked Comrades and it has two slight dips above the lips.
    I bought it online from a collector, it looks and feels authentic otherwise.
    What do you think? has any other scrappers from this series emerge?

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    Looks authentic to me, I see no markers on the back of the pin which is usually where scrapper makers mess up.

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    People don't 'make' scrappers... Scrappers are pins made by the factory authorized by Disney but don't pass QC, and thus are 'scrapped' (recycled) and more are made until they get them all good enough to sell. So, the back of the pin can look perfect if the problem with the colors on the front.
    Problem is, sometimes they don't catch everything, so some imperfection get through, and there's probably some range of imperfection allowed..
    And, of course, if there's a lot of them (or maybe even just a few), they seem to usually 'get out of the factory' (either by employees stealing them, the factory itself selling them at bulk prices to recover some cost, or if they sold to some kind of metal recycler, they may have discovered they can sell them instead of melting them down). Unless you see tons of them on eBay for a pin that just shouldn't have that many for sale, it's likely it's just a pin that got through the QC process (obviously they don't scrutinize every pin, so this is very likely).

    Counterfeit pins are the ones people make... Trying to make a copy of an existing pin they can sell. Those are the ones that are usually easy to spot as some aspect of the pin will just be wrong, every time (and usually it's most notably something on the back).
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