It Was On My Radar... But I Waited Too Long?!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by mybabykelly, Nov 6, 2020.

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    We saw MMA Space Mountain in an outlet mall... I didn't know how collectable they were yet. I kinda wanted to get it because I love space mountain but passed due to the lower quality of the glitter. Later looked it up and it's $100+ on ebay :oops: big regrets!!! It's interesting tho I think they only had a few in the store. But I went to Disneyland downtown not too long ago and they had tons of Tiki room MMA. So I picked one up but I remembered to check ebay first and they are only $30 haha. But really like them so glad to have gotten them!
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    For me it's the Disney store Tron series. I bought most of them a long time ago for $25 each. I could have had Chip and Dale (#81856) for $25 but for some reason didn't buy it. Now I see it for sale once in awhile but it's really expensive
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    DSSH Rapunzel Wedding - I have nearly all of the weddings and waited and waited and now...ugh

    So if anyone has her, I’m looking...

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    Can I add a non-pin item? I put the Game of Life Haunted Mansion in my ShopDisney Saved for Later list a while back. My monthly Disney Game Night get togethers were put on hold because of COVID. I figured it was $40 and I could wait. I just bought something from ShopDisney and needed a little extra for free shipping, plus I used the 20% off coupon. Yay! No! It's sold out! Ack. I can get it on Amazon for $70-$95, but I'm too cheap to pay that.

    The pin that I waited on was the Aristocats New Year jumbo pin. It started at about $150. I had a chance to buy it at $220 from My D Pins. Didn't buy it. Wish I had. It was no where for a long time. It looks like it popped back up on the auction site for $700!!!


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    Omg they’re so cute in their outfits!

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    Well on that topic - I did reeeeeeeeallllly like the Haunted Mansion Clue game that came out several years back, but I never bought it because it didn't fit into either my Wonderland collection or my small weird collection of Monopoly sets that I don't know why I got but I like and I still really kinda want to pick up a Marvel one but by the time I'm ready to pull the trigger on those they'll probably be sold out. *takes breath after long runon sentence* Anyway, I loved the idea of a Haunted Mansion Clue and by the time I finally had sorta talked myself into considering buying it... they didn't make it anymore - they made a Tower of Terror one! Argh. Not a ToT fan. So I figure it wasn't meant to be... until... a friend was clearing out some of her Disney collection and had a Disney Monopoly set that she was parting with that I was happy to give a good home to because I think there was Alice on the packaging and maybe a game piece and it fit my weird little Monopoly collection too. And guess what else she had that I got to give a good home to? Yup, Haunted Mansion Clue! :D
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    What a great story that you ended up getting it. Haunted Mansion Clue is the go to version in my house as well as POTC monopoly. @EvilSleep and I always enjoy family game nights with either game!
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    So, the dancing princesses. I could have gotten the set for $1000 when they first came out and was like, nah.
    The same thing with those fans...
    And the Mulan gold frame for $50

    If we want to go way back, the original designer princesses. Could have had a set for $400 the first year, $800 the second year...nah.
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