Looking for information- Frozen marquee that's been scrapped...

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by rik1138, Nov 15, 2019.

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    So, I've recently decided to dive back into pin collecting (mainly the DSSH Marquee series), and trying to get caught up!
    One I've been after is the Anna/Elsa Frozen Marquee that has been heavily scrapped (and/or maybe counterfeited?). (The 3rd Frozen marquee)

    View Pin: DSSH DSF - El Capitan Marquee - Frozen #3 - Anna and Elsa

    I've read a lot about the pin itself (they need to have white pupils in the eyes, deep blue background, etc), but I haven't seen anyone mention the packaging.

    I try to get my pins in the original packaging to help reduce the chance of getting bad pins, and I finally got this marquee in the original packaging. So I'm pretty sure it's legit. The one thing I find odd is the barcode sticker on the back of the DSSH card. It's the correct barcode, looks professionally printed, but it's labelled 'Disney Parks'. I can't find any other DSF/DSSH pins that use a 'Disney Parks' barcode/price sticker. They all say Soda Fountain or Hollywood Store, etc if they mention the location at all...

    Does anyone else have this pin, that they know is legit with the original packaging? I'll post pictures up soon, but thought I'd just ask if anyone that might have bought it from the store themselves has the 'Disney Parks' price sticker on it...

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    I don't know about this pin specifically, but I do know the DSSH cards have been faked.
  3. rik1138

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    Yeah, I've seen those too, but I've never seen any that could stand up to a side-by-side comparison... Have they gotten that good?

    That's partly why I'd like to see a known-real card. Double check the price sticker/barcode, the FAC number, etc...

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