Mad Hatter's Shop in Magic Kingdom

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    This may be a bit of a stretch, but we are hoping that there might be members on here who have been going to MK for many years and are picture-takers as well! When we were 4 (back in 1991), we went to MK and Mom and Dad bought us Minnie Mouse hats at the Mad Hatter's store . We still have the hats (and are going to wear them on our FLA vacation in January) and still have the receipt! Well, we would LOVE a picture of the store (inside and/or out) and are really hoping that someone on here took pictures and still has them! Any pictures of the Mad Hatter's store would be really fun!

    Thanks in advance! This is a call to dig through those old albums and take a trip down memory lane! :)
    Sarah (and Elizabeth)
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