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Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by Tazimo, Oct 26, 2019.

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    So while I was away in Florida on my recent holiday I saw a few of the Mickey Shorts cartoons and feel in love with the art style, the only problem was Disney didnt seem to have ANY pins in that art style OR SO I THOUGHT! When I got home I discovered there is actually a set of hidden Mickey pins featuring that art style and also this lovely little set that arrived today!


    I adore them so much!!!

    Just wish I had seen any of the hidden Mickey ones. Or may I did and wasent paying attention to the cast members lanyards etc. Still we are hopefully planning to go back next November. I might also grab another set of these as they are so adorable and would make great traders!

    If anyone has any of the hidden mickey ones and are up for maybe trading them drop me a message!
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    They literally just came out! I only saw my first Wave C pins on Friday, so don't feel too bad about it! I'll keep my eye out for duplicates!

    Edit: Whoops, for some reason I thought you were talking about Wave C. Wave B is also very elusive though. I've barely found any in the months they've supposedly been out. I might have an extra at home, I'll have to check!
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