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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by IrvineLotus, May 2, 2020.

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    How does everyone like the WDI film strip series movie anniversary pins?

    MOG used to release movie anniversary pins in large (3") round style, such as Bambi 75th, Hercules 20th, which would be nice to place next to the profile series. Since 2019 MOG has been releasing all movie anniversary pins in the film strip format. There has been over 20 film strip pins released, and still more coming. Each one has quite a few movie elements and manufacturing techniques. It seems that this series is not as popular as other series, such as beloved tales, or profile.

    Is there anyone collecting this series? How do you like the design and concept?
  2. tiggeriffic

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    I don't have any of the film strips but I think they look pretty nice from what I've seen.

    The Beloved Tales and Profile series are not for film anniversaries, though. They are just regular series. I think less people will try to get film strips of films they don't collect.
  3. Pecosace

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    Is there a list of pictures somewhere of the different pins in this set that have been released?
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    I like the film strips.

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