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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Randakinskywalker, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Randakinskywalker

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    I made the mistake of not ordering my Caballeros set earlier and they sold out. Fair enough, that's my bad for my poor decision. However I was browsing Facebook, and saw an ad for them. I clicked it out of sheer curiosity and got excited when it took me to the Mondo site, and it showed Jose and Panchito as being back in stock. I assumed they'd either increased their initial order, or people had canceled on them. I tried to check out eight separate times, emptied and refilled my cart each time, and closed and opened a new browser window, and the first three times the payment wouldn't go through on PayPal. I tried to checkout without using PayPal, and it suddenly said they were out of stock. I went through the above process several times, and even though they're still OoS, they're not listed as such on the site, and it still lets you add to cart.

    I'm upset because I got my hopes up for nothing. Is this standard for Mondo? To not announce these are limited edition and to not properly label stock? I kept seeing their pins everywhere and thought they were super cute but the process is not super cute. Am I doing something wrong? Expecting too much? I see their disclaimer but that disclaimer is an awful excuse for not properly labeling stock like this.

    Just wondering if I should bother with them again. Did anyone else run into frustration trying to order from them?
  2. starry_solo

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    I haven't purchased any Mondo pins. Their quality seems iffy (soft enamel vs hard enamel)
  3. Randakinskywalker

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    Are they? That's too bad! The designs are cute. A shame it's not that great an option.
  4. pretty Omi

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    Yep, pretty par for the course on Mondo. This is the same sort of hassle people go through when ordering their posters.
  5. mattyL

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    Quality is top notch. They are not ‘soft’ enamel. The reason you see ‘soft’ enamel on eBay is because the artist who designed that set (steamboat Willie) name is ‘soft’
  6. Randakinskywalker

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    Ah! I was hoping they were. All the more disappointing that their website is difficult to use. They at least sent a polite and sympathetic email back to my complaint. They said they weren't aware of that issue and notified their inventory manager so hopefully something is actually done to make ordering less frustrating. I understand them selling out, they're popular, but advertising sold out pins is the frustrating bit.

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