Monster inc pin help (maybe fake?)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by MonsterPeg, May 20, 2019.

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    Hi guys :) waves happily,

    I’m new to the hobby and my husband bought me some monster inc pins off eBay (he had no idea there were fakes and were just trying to spoil/support me). I’m wondering if they are the real deal.

    Maybe some of you have verified authentic ones I can compare them too? Or I can post pictures of mine here and you can give me your thoughts.

    It’s theses 4 -
    pin #97418 disney pin trading night 2013 Mike spinner,
    pin #95996 disney pin trading night 2013 Sully Spinner,
    pin #96268 Monsters university opening day,
    & a Hong Kong Disney’s pin trading night 2018 glow in the dark monster university big cast pin :)

    Thank you for any guidance - I so appreciate it
  2. akarih

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    Hello! Welcome! Yes definitely post photos of the pins, front and back and we may be able to tell. Welcome to DPF!

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  3. OpieDoodle

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    If you post a photo we can take a look. There are a few things you can look for in fakes, some more obvious than others.

    Big sign is the back of the pin if the pattern doesn't go all the way to the edge, there are some exceptions to this but that's usually a big sign. The other big giveaway is if there are big dips in the paint. Most authentic pins the color is flat so you won't feel like ridges for the edges if that makes sense.

    I've bought on ebay in the past and sometimes I've done fine other times I've gotten fakes. Usually the fakes I went back into reviews after (should have checked before right? Yay me for forgetting) and see negative reviews for fake pins.
  4. starry_solo

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    So, to post a picture, open up an account on IMGUR or Photobucket (PB only gives you 250 images for free)...

    Then copy & paste the image here.
  5. MonsterPeg

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    Thank you so much guys :) (I think it’s super sweet of you all to take time out of your busy day to lend a hand. Your the best). Your opinion means so much to me - I bow to your experience and wisdom.

    I really appreciate your help in weighing in on my pins.

    Here is my first one. I’d honestly be shocked if it’s fake because it feels heavy and smooth (the writing on the back is not raised and the sides are not jagged) like my authentic pins I bought directly from the Disney store. If it’s a fake - it’s a really good one lol. Let me know what you think guys - waits patiently


    P.s. ooh Opie that’s smart to check reviews to see if other people are crying foul and fake. I wouldn’t have thought of that either ;) It’s good to know too that other families make mistakes too. Not just ours - blush - when new to the hobby. Sorry you ended up with some stinkers though.

    P.p.s. Thank you starry for explaining how to post Picts. Really needed that mini tutorial - blush. Your so kind
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  6. OpieDoodle

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    Honestly to me I see some areas of the pin that make me raise my eyebrow and question if its real or not.

    The back I do see a boarder on the top and bottom which is not usually a good sign. Now some pins do have that an are authentic but I am unsure if this is one of them. The other concern I have is inside the letters you don't see the inside piece of the P, R, A, etc. The colors also look a little off but that could just be the lighting.

    The pinpics for this one doesn't look like a real photo of it so its hard to say exactly

    Walt Disney Pins, Trading Disney Pins, Value Of Disney Pins | PinPics
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  7. MonsterPeg

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    Thanks Opie for weighing in. I so appreciate it. I’m going to see if other pictures of them on eBay have borders on the back like mine. Thankfully the inside of the letters are defined on mine but I’m just a bad camera woman so it looks blended together due to glare and lighting lol blush.
  8. speedwaystar1

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    Hello . I've not seen any glow in the dark ones faked
    As for the others , they're unlikely to take spinners unless they're a super popular pin (Its quicker and easier to fake standard low edition ones of popular characters , think princesses) so I'd think those would be okay too .
    Off hand the only Monsters Inc/University ones I recall being faked see the DLP ones (Pin trading might ones #100473 / #100472) and #100769 Roz from a set
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  9. MonsterPeg

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    Phew! Well that is good to know! I always thought pins with lots of moving parts or bonuses (like glitter or “snow globe” effects) would be hard to fake & thus not worth a counterfeits time (making them pretty safe to buy from third party sellers) - it’s nice to know my instinct & gut we’re right. Thank you so much for the heads up on those 3 commonly faked monster inc pins and for teaching me so much new stuff about the hobby. I appreciate it more than I could express here :)

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