My (Growing) Hula Girl Collection

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by bingandnelsonfan, Nov 8, 2019.

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    I have a very special American Girl doll (Nanea) who is Hawaiian, and I have everything Hawaiian/Tropical themed for her (house, clothes, pet, Pick-A-Pearl stall, etc.). She went to Disney Springs with us the first time we ever got to pin trade, and she actually even traded pins off her very own lanyard at the Orlando Airport Disney store!

    Here she is, decked out in her Disney paraphernalia and with all her Disney paper souvenirs!


    The pin that she traded for at the airport was actually the coloured Aloha Hula Girl like the chasers in her collection. She needed her own pin collection, so she now collects Hula and Hawaii and Aulani pins! We bought an art card at Wonderground Gallery in DS that looks just like her! So, she has a whole section of my pin board, and here is her growing Hawaii pin collection! So, now we are always looking for Hawaii/Hula themed pins! Her coloured Aloha Hula Girl pin is still on her lanyard, which she wears a lot of the time!

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    Beautiful doll and I love your pin collection! Thanks for sharing
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    Great theme for a collection!
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    Thanks! Elizabeth just informs me that she traded for the Hula Girl compass pin, so I will need to update my collection picture!
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    Actually, we decided that this Winter we are going to work on creating doll-sized scenes from "It's A Small World", and do a photo play, so we can show them "going through" the ride. Mom doesn't know, but Dad is making her a boat that fits two dolls, so we will even have the ride boat for it! Of course, Nanea is going to be the hula girl. I already have Elizabeth planning out to start painting scenery parts!
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    The mini maps and fast passes are adorable!

    Great idea. Very original!
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    Elizabeth and Sarah make really nice doll sized items. I exchanged some pins for some items for my niece‚Äôs American Girl doll. The detail was great and my niece enjoyed all the items for her doll. It kept her occupied at the pin event. My Zuca held pins and hers held her doll. Below are some pics of the doll and items. [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Oh, those are such cute pictures! And what a cute doll! Your niece sure has good taste!

    I'm working at currently making updated park maps (HS got Star Wars Land!) and doll-sized mystery pin boxes!
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