New TDL Beauty and the Beast Attraction.

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by coblj003, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. coblj003

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    Of course Tokyo Disneyland is set to try out new things, hopefully this means we may be up ti getting a lot of new attractions/refurbishing old ones here in the near future here in the states if the technology is viable...
  2. Addicted to Alice Pins

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    I saw this preview the other day and was thinking I'm kinda glad I haven't gotten to the international parks yet. It's a goal for me as it is for many of us, but this looks SO AMAZING that if I'm going to do a once-in-a-lifetime trip, I want to see this. Ha ha.

    And yes, here's to some US upgrades! Disney has introduced more advanced technology and fancy-pants attractions, but I haven't seen Avatar and would really like something immersive and amazing based on more classic properties. (That's just me. I get the need to diversify and I'm excited for the Star Wars peeps whose dreams will come true in the next couple of years.)
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  3. Runswthwolves

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    That looks amazing and another reason why I want to visit that park, once again showcasing the Imaginers incredible talent. Hopefully, more of this will show up Stateside.
  4. Spr175psu

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    We're timing our next TDL trip specifically to coincide with the probable opening of the Fantasyland expansion. This ride looks incredible and I can't wait to go on it, which will be November/December 2020.
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  5. timeerkat

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    Looks amazing! I plan to do a big multi-week trip to see all the Asian parks in 2023 (my 40th birthday, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland), so it will be amazing to see this in person!
  6. Disneychildwithin

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    Omg!!! Why so far away!!! Can barely get to Disney here in the States, but like Ann says, it would definitely be a trip of a lifetime. Come on Mega Millions!!!

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  7. broadwaybookworm

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    So jealous of this! I'll have to push my dream of visiting TKDL until after this opens.

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