OFFICIAL 52 WEEKS THREAD: 3/4 of the Way there!!

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DPF Members,

It is with great enthusiasm that I can today announce the commencement of fifty-two straight weeks of surprise zapping to a wide variety of DPF members and pin traders alike!!!

I can't express how excited I am to be able to do something like this for a community that is so inspiring, generous, and supportive of everyone!!

First I’d like to acknowledge and thank everyone who took time out of their schedules and their lives, to send me a private message with a nomination or address. Without this contribution this endeavor would be merely an aspiration. I’d like to express appreciation to those who offered to submit pins from their own collection for this project.

In particular, I’d like to thank AgentR, Docfish2u and PoohLady5, whom, consistent with their generous character, submitted pins for distribution in this project. Those of you who receive a pin submitted by them will be notified within your packaging. If you happen to be one of these people, I ask that you take a moment to, at the least, send them a PM of appreciation for having donated a pin that now belongs to you!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone who gave me another member's address when I asked, but particularly, Tiggermickey, whom I harassed to a point of annoyance at times, for the myriad of addresses she supplied!!

The goal of this "project" is two-fold; a) to zap members who have not been zapped, or have rarely been zapped, and help them grow their collection, which in turn, will directly help the growth of the hobby's community, and b) to zap those members who often spend their time, money, and pins zapping others, but rarely receive a show of appreciation through a zap in return.

I think that the varied selection of DPF members who are set to receive a zap within the allotted 52 weeks is representative of the ultimate goals.

For a brief recap as to how this will work: I have taken nominations and collected addresses of over 70 DPF members over the course of the last couple of months. I input the list into a randomizer and obtained a specific order. Due to the surplus of nominations, I decided to do 2 zaps for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, effectively expanding the total targets from 52 to 54. Unfortunately, some nominations did not make the final list. IF I'm in a position to continue this and zap everyone after the 52 weeks, I will, however, no promises beyond the initial goal.

The way this will function will be that every Monday, for the next 52 weeks, I will mail out (barring personal impossibility or force of nature) a zap, to the appropriate member based on my list. That member will not know that they are about to be zapped. I will keep a list on this thread numbered from 1 through 54. Once I am informed that the member has received the Zap, I will post their name on the list in the appropriate slot. (IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISH THIS, ALL WE ASK IS THAT YOU SEND US A SIMPLE PM SAYING "RECEIVED" ONCE YOU ARE ZAPPED).

Once more, I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this possible until this point, and I hope that big or small, wants list or trader, you all enjoy the pins that you get!!
Zapped List

1. Fantasmic (Received) Pins: 93378 and 65880
2. Disneydan (Received) Pin: 59434
3. Purplerose (Received) Pin: 75437
4. Vixy (Received) Pin: 93929
5. Torriane-2008 (Received) Pin: 87964
6. TheOtherSteve (Received) Pin: 95204
7. Shannon (Received) Pins: 82476 & 82477
8. ClanMcDuck (Received) Pin: 39263
9. PatRin (Received) Pin: 47847
10. Kupo1121 (Received) Pin: 85712
11. Motherknowsbest (Received) Pin: 88093

12. Mmiano (Received) Pin: 75129
13. Dawny (Received) Pin: 39284
14. Jrdnsmom (Received) Pin: 95287
15. Cjvandever (Received) Pin:65848
16. TokyoDisneyDad (Received) Pin: 51675
17. PsychoPixie (Received) Pin: 96264
18. Rasputin (Received) Pin: 88108 and Pin: 86083
19. Merlin_Emrys (Received) Pin: 421
20. Dalamara (Received) Pin: 539
21. Nsingleton (Received) Pin: 39260
22. Rocke01 (Received) Pin: 94219
23. SwindonTinkerBell (Received) Pin: 48702
24. Snow (Received) Pin: 67183
25. Suzziesue (Received) Pin: 20338
26. AgentR (Received) Pin: 94259
27. Maryscribbles (Received) Pin: 711
28. Sorapandora (Received) Pin: 80705
29. Starry_Solo (Received) Pin: 83328
30. LumpyLover (Received) Pin: 29960
31. HandA (Received) Pin: 53566
32. Diablo (Received) Pin: 39608
33. Nettiejeanne (Received) Pin: 93033
Catz (Received) Pin: 57792
35. Mickeymousje (Received) Pin: 95865
36. Aceastrococopuff (Received) Pin: 78393 and 82361
37. Tiggermickey (Received) Pin: 63594
38. Wesleyisaperson (Received) Pin: 79373
39. musicj48 (Received) Pin: 84058
40. Mayaworld4u (Received) Pin: 50325
41. Disneydreamer (Received) Pin: 51677
42. Lilymay (Received) Pin: 705
43. Crushedbubbles (Received) Pin:33211
44. Minnie594 (Received) Pin: 27440
45. Dizpinfreak (Received) Pin: 56879
46. Boule (Received) Pin: 91252
47. Jazzytrumpet (Received) Pin: 82450
48. Doodlebug86 (Received) Pin: 95475
49. Norlando319 (Received) Pin: 90972
50. HightopNinja (Received) Pin: 82357
51. Tbird (Received) Pin: 77742
52. Siujerkjai (Received) Pin: 44595
53. Chroll (Received) Pin: 30637
54. Docfish2u (Received) Pin: 99630


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This is very nice of you to do and wow I have to say you are very organized. Great job to you and everyone who donated :)


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Wow, to keep up with this every week for a year is quite something to take on, very impressive! That is super awesome and kind of you!

Way to go!


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Hi everyone,

I'm dropping in to say that I received a package today in the mail. Needless to say I was completely shocked to see what was inside!


Two figment pins to add to my collection! This really made my night!! I want to give a huge thanks to Zagales14 and AgentR for making this possible. It really means a lot to me to even be considered as a recipient of such generosity, especially being that I mainly lurk on these forums and never really post. It really says a lot about the type of people that are apart of this community. Once again, I am so grateful! I promise to post more! Hehe :)


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Hello all,

Today I went to the mailbox and pulled out several packages. Some were for my mom and there were two for me. One of them I was expecting and the other one I was not. I looked at the address and immediately knew who it was from (Zagales14). In an instant, the biggest, most cheesy grin came across my face. I was so excited because I could not wait to see what was inside, so I ran inside and opened it post haste! When I saw what pin it was I was like :eek2: OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I just started collecting Alice in Wonderland and have only added a few pins to my collection thus far and the pin I got today is just a most perfect addition (plus I have really been wanting it) because it has Alice and Dinah together. The note that came along with it was absolutely adorable as well. On one side it has Lightning McQueen and says 52 weeks of zapping and the other has some very kind words from Alex and Bruna. I am so greatful to have met you guys, you have been so kind to me and everyone else here on DPF. Thank you so much for the generosity you have shown me. You truely are amazing :hug:

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I love it!!!

Erin :)
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