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Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by colbythegeek, Jun 22, 2019.

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    Last year I started to pin trade in Disney World, and I was trying to get my hands on all of the Oswald that I could find. While searching for the hidden mickey Oswald’s, I found a pin of him on a golden castle. I turn the pin around and I see that is says “limited to 300” and “D23”. I was excited to have found a nice pin like this that was also rare, and for the heck of it I looked up how much it went for online.... but I couldn’t find it. The only thing that I found about it was on a pin registry site that said it existed, but no one had claimed to own it. When i got home I put it on my very small pin board that I’m still working on, and never thought about it again. This year, Im back at disney and have started to pin trade again. Before i left i looked synced my oswald pin again and tried to look for it online, and actually found results. There was a picture on pinterest of one, and a listing on ebay with all of the castle pieces for 600$, but the pin itself was still no where to be found lose. I searched again today to see if anything had changed, and I found a listing on a pin website for it and the price was 30$, but it used the same picture as the one in pinterest. I went back to pinterest and clicked on the link and it led me to an error page on ebay. It seems to me that this pin is pretty rare, but I don’t want to make an assumption when I’ve just started pin collecting. Is this pin rare or not?
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    It looks like this pin was a blind box chaser pin released at D23 Expo in 2015. The price difference you saw online was likely a premium being paid for the collection in full. A 300 edition size isn't necessarily 'rare', but definitely a great pin for a Oswald collector! :)

    More info about the original release of this blind box set can be found here:

    D23 Expo 2015 Pin Selection - Disney Pins Blog

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    As I recall, that Castle Collection set was scrapped after a while (meaning there were fakes in the market), which lowered the price/value of these individually as well.

    I'd say (as I say about every pin) - if you like it and it was worth what you traded/paid for it in that it makes you happy, then you're good. No one should get into pins as an investment in longterm value.
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    All the pins are scrapped. The only way to guarantee authenticity at this point is to buy the D23 framed pin set, still framed with original price tag, plastic, etc.
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    @colbythegeek : if you want to collect the set, it would be best to get it like this:


    That's the D23 expo framed LE set with a special extra pin
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    Here is a picture of an authentic Oswald, from Pin Trading Database. The individual who put the picture into the database was a sorcerer ticket holder in 2015 and frequent contributor to PTDB.

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    I have come across fakes of the glitter castle pins a few times at WDW. Most notably the Mickey from the bottom right corner. :(

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